This past weekend at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show was filled with mixed blessings.
I got over 500 hugs and they were top quality! It is my favorite thing about going to the shows - that and seeing the motorcycles and gear offerings.

I was fortunate enough to take in the Motorcycle Madness - the talented riders had people holding their breath and when the quad rider, Jon Guetter came out and did his 360 jump you should have heard the crowd - it was such a great event!

The ladies from the Calgary & Edmonton Motorcycle shows put on such a great trade show for us - they work so hard to keep it fresh and real and man the 2011 shows were excellent.
You'll have to read this coming week's newspaper (The Busted Knuckle Chronicles) in order to see the pictures and report. I am back to laying out the paper myself again - sadly I had to fire the gal that I had contracted to do the job - I refuse to allow our community newspaper to be held hostage by someone who refuses to honor their contract commitments.

Although I haven't done the books yet, I know that our Injured Rider Fund donations from the sale of patches, BDB gear and the Death Wobble Rentals Charity Bikini calendar is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $400 - The CMTA will be able to at least help one rider with a no interest loan in the advent of a crash - remember the period between when the crash happens and insurance comes in can be a very difficult period for many. Our goal is to get that fund up to $25,000 and be able to lend money at no interest until insurance pays you back for some of your out of pocket expenses. Once you are on your feet, you pay the fund back so we can help the next rider. You can apply for assistance at the CMTA web site:

I had a chance to talk to the Edmonton City Police about the motorcycle only noise bylaw. I have to tell you I was some disappointed in Eric Theusser - he is rude, arrogant and insufferable in my humble opinion. He was preening like a peacock when I started the interview and the first tough question that I asked him about why ONLY motorcycles and how that works - he ended the interview and told me he refused to talk to me anymore.  I walked over the the RCMP booth and asked the same question, in EXACTLY the same way and got answers. They weren't what I was hoping to hear but they were polite and direct, honest answers. Why the Edmonton City officer couldn't or wouldn't answer me I am unsure. I do know this much - riders in Edmonton - either change your pipes or look to be treated badly - I say that because of my personal experience with this one officer - I don't mean to come across like all of the officers will be that way  -  but my understanding is that he heads things up and if that is the case, remember that crap runs downhill...
Read my editorial in this coming week's paper to read what was said.

I also would like to warn those who are not running stock pipes - if you do not know what your bike is putting out for decibels then either get your bike tested or stay away from Edmonton OR be prepared to go to court and fight.

Liane Langlois has not given up the fight to get this bylaw reversed - only you fighting tickets will help get this bylaw changed. It is your choice folks - fight, avoid the city of Edmonton or run stock pipes of the after market pipes that are EPA certified from the US - because if they are the style of pipes that are Not for highway use - you most likely will be ticketed.

We are accepting donations for the Australian Flood Relief Fund - all donations will go to the Red Cross - you can also donate directly if you want tax receipts....

Don't forget to get your bikes entered into the show 'n' shine folks - tons of great prizes up for grabs and it is free to enter...

There is a lot of news from the weekend for you to check out, since I have to get cracking on building the paper, I will leave you to go snooping on your own.

Have a FABULOUS day - I know mine will be!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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