12 years ago I had a 17" Boy Scout canoe come off of a trailer and land in front of the vehicle I was driving at 100KPH.

I suffered from panic attacks and was terrified to drive and really terrified of anything that appeared to be a unsecured load. My Motorcycle got me back on the road and eventually behind the wheel. I still have to work on my fear behind the wheel - and this trip to Vancouver proved to me yet again that I am more competent than I give myself credit for sometimes. Where ever possible - if I am driving 10 or 20K under the limit - I pull over or let the driver behind me know when it is safe to pass or safe to come back in when they get around me. 

I am a considerate driver for the most part - I work at it - my father would have kicked my arse if I wasn't. When he taught me to drive he had 4 million accident free miles under his belt and I spent many an hour in the cab of a semi - I know how tough their job is and I know how many of these so called professional drivers now a days have no regard for anyone out there.

Heading up Messiter Mountain on Tuesday I had a Landtrans Truck so close to my bumper (I was in the slow lane as it was EXTREMELY ICY) I was doing 80 in a 90 - The truck had plenty of room to go around me but instead he chose to ride my back bumper - he was so close to me I was terrified that he was going to hit me from behind. When he finally pulled around me I was shaking so bad I wanted to throw up - but I controlled myself - and my passenger, a class one driver of 34 years took the unit number down - and was some disgusted at the unsafe behaviour of this driver.

I have called the trucking company and have lodged a complaint with them and they have promised me that they will deal with this driver. This driver was rude and dangerous and should not be behind the wheel of a 100,000+ pound weapon IMHO.

I over came the out right terror I felt having this behemoth behind me - but the seething anger I feel now is no more pleasant than the fear was.

These drivers of semi's do not realize sometimes that on hard packed ice a small car handles far differently than their 18 wheeler does. They do not understand the fear and hatred they generate with their unsafe and disgusting driving habits. The call to the trucking company this morning had me talking to their safety manager and he was non too pleased.

More people need to be reporting these unsafe drivers. I can not tell you how many who are behind the wheel of these 18 wheelers now a days should not be called professionals. My father, God rest is soul, would have thumped the crap out of at least 6 of the semi drivers I encountered while on the road from Edmonton to Vancouver. When he died he had 7.5 million accident free miles under his belt and he didn't get them by tailgating, passing where unsafe, riding the yellow line or cutting people off because they passed where unsafe to do so and had to cut in because a vehicle was coming.

I am fed up with distracted drivers, bad drivers and rude drivers - Wake up people - life is not a race track and that vehicle you are driving - it IS a weapon and it can and will kill. The TV Show - Canada's Worst Driver is indicative of the problem in this country - and folks it is no laughing matter. Sadly - many who are supposed to be professional drivers are not and they cause far more damage than they understand.

As always - I appreciate it when you get involved in the conversation folks!

Congratulations to Motorcycle Mojo Magazine on their $20,000 grant to overhaul their magazine and web site. I sadly do not appear to qualify but am always happy to hear of the success of great people and Glenn and Gwen are great people!

Our show 'n' shine now has over 200 pictures in it - are yours among them? Do I have to continue suffering from PMS because yours isn't there???? HMMM????

We are accepting donations to help the flood victims in Australia - your help is urgently needed people.

We now have our own road side assistance service - hope you will check it out and perhaps consider using our service provider, Best Roadside.

I am getting ready for the opening of the Vancouver Motorcycle Show this afternoon and will be gratefully accepting hugs for the hug challenge between Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton - so far Edmonton is in the lead!

Have a fabulous day and come cure some of that PMS you are feeling at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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