Along with the Motorcycle Noise Bylaws that are cropping up are other laws that make little to no sense.

Take a look at what they are attempting in Virginia. They want to ban kids 8 years old and under from riding with their parents. Federal law here and in the US - from everything I have read, is identical. If a child can comfortably put their feet on the foot pegs and there is a proper back rest, they are allowed to ride with their parent. And from everything else I have read, the statistics involving kids being hurt while being a passenger are negligible or unrecorded. In other words - there is nothing to back the need for a law banning them from being on the back.

Helen Jazek in Ontario tried this same stunt - it appears that there are many who would like to see our children NOT be exposed to our lifestyle and the enjoyment of a motorcycle - what's next? Banning them from riding their own machines in motocross?

It is sad to see those who do not like or understand our lifestyle attempting to propose a ban that makes NO SENSE - how do you subjectively say an 8 year old can not be on the back? One 8 year old can be short and others are tall  - how can you pick a random age and say that that is the right age to prevent them from being on the back? Where does that make sense?????

I shake my head...I am sorry, I just don't get it.

In other news: 
In New Brunswick they are calling for mandatory motorcycle inspections for used bikes after the death of a prominent lawyer last summer.

A Tourism Director is needed for Norfolk County Ontario

In BC a young Supermoto racer is flying high

In Vancouver - the Deeley Exhibition is slated to be at  the Vancouver Motorcycle Show this weekend.

In Idaho - one was won for the community - the rider community and MIC have successfully lobbied to change the rules in the US and be allowed at the table regarding riding on federal lands

I am on the road to the Vancouver Motorcycle Show and can not wait to see all of my friends and family members!

Have a fabulous day and remember to get your bikes entered in the Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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