I am T-6 days to take off!  On Monday July 4th I leave for the first leg of the Share the Road - Share the Ride Motorcycle Awareness Conga and I can't wait.

I have purchased all of my little packages of things like Pepto and Deep Woods Off, Allergy stuff and sunscreen...I have the oil being changed tomorrow, new tires are on, Doran 360M Tire Pressure Monitoring System is installed and working properly, hotels & motels all booked, riding clubs to hook up with pretty much all set...

There are going to be a ton of firsts on this trip for me.

My first time through Northern BC by myself on my bike, the first time to the Yukon on a motorcycle...and my first time across Canada - round trip by myself other than for the riders I hook up with along the way!

In all I will be travelling 17,000 kilometres by myself. I am excited, as prepared as I know how to be and nervous - but it's that good nervous - the nervousness of anticipation of a really big adventure!

Will you join me be it for a day, an hour or a week? I would love to get to meet as many riders as possible and I look forward to sharing My Canadian experience with the world!

We are going to film some motorcycle safety PSA's that we hope will go viral around the web and be picked up by TV stations across the country for the 2012 riding season - I am tired of loosing so many friends and family wind members to left hand turning drivers and people who claim they don't see us.

Just look in the news feeds on our site today:

It's sad and tragic how many of the crashes are rider error or foolishness and tragic that the rest are caused by drivers who are too busy in their vehicles texting, scolding kids, reading books, putting on make up and basically doing everything they should be except driving their vehicle. We riders know that even the smallest car is a 2,000 pound weapon, so why has our education of non commercial vehicle drivers been so poor?

I don't have the answer to that question but I do know we need to create our own commercials on motorcycle awareness - commercials similar in vein to the construction commercials - you know the ones - when you see my daughter who is flagging at the intersection of A & B, make sure you wave to her for me...shock and awe commercials make so many people squeamish that they tune out the message - it is my belief that making us more human than our gear and machine lend us to looking might be the trick.

We, the riders need to take charge of our safety - by refining and working on our skills with our machines, by staying hyper aware, and by promoting the fact that we are human and we have families that want us to come home safely...

I hope you will join me somewhere along the way and together that we can spread the word to our fellow rider and to all motorists that we need to arrive home alive and that awareness is the key to that happening.

In other news:

In Ontario, Hamilton is non too happy about the new Hells Angels club house

In BC - two very different articles on how the Great Canadian Bike Rally and Sturgis North TM came to be...but the result is the same - it is a BONANZA for bikers - two MAJOR events within 200 kilometres of each other!

Also in BC a great article on riding in the Kootenay's - quite timely with Toad Rock's final rally happening this weekend.  Make sure you pick up your copy of the Rider Friendly Business Association Phone Book - it's filled with specials and deals from the Kootenay's AND it has a great laminated FULL Color Map!

You can also pick up your copy of the 2011 Rider Friendly Phone Book At these Events:
Horse Thief Hide Out - Invermere BC
Atlanticade - St Andrews NB
Great Canadian Bike Rally - Merritt BC
Sturgis North - Salmon Arm
Two Hills Memorial Rally - Two Hills AB
Rockin the Valley - Drayton Valley AB

Visit our Canadian Motorcycle Events Calendar for all of the info on these great events!

Not only will you get a phone book but when you register on our site to activate your membership card and you put which event you got your card and book at - we will give you a free one year subscription to the weekly community newspaper - The Busted Knuckle Chronicles!

And of course membership gives you FREE Classified ads, FREE use of the Never Ride Alone Program, Access to our toll free BDB Club Number, Access to the Canadian Riders Support Network, Discounts on Road Side Assistance, Discounts and special services at over 325 businesses across Canada and  our FREE MC Travel APP - Our Canadian Motorcycle Events Calendars in an APP for your Phone!

There is a TON of other news over at

Visit our site daily to keep up with what is happening in your community and around the world - you never know what you will find there that will be important to you as we sift through the news feeds so you don't have to!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone and please remember if you are riding today to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember also to use respect with that throttle hand - it may be day time for you but for some poor SOB it is their night cause they work night shift - sleep deprivation makes one cranky...

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