The news out of Santa Clara County in California is that because in the past, some motorcyclists who were included in the annual 4th of July Parade revved their engines and caused little kids to cover their ears - NO MOTORCYCLES ALLOWED....

So the Patriot Guard are not being allowed to participate unless of course they want to walk...according to the article they were late in filing their application to participate and even if they had not been late they would have been denied simply because they ride motorcycles.

Independence Day - Veterans - Parades but no veterans on motorcycles, what is this world becoming?

How do we as a community rid ourselves of the inconsiderate? 
I wonder if that is even possible - I look around and every community has them - you know the ones I mean, the people who feel they have to show off, have everyone look at them - cut people off among other rude and inconsiderate behaviours.

The men and women who serve their country deserve far better treatment than this in my opinion but yet again, because of the selfish - good people are penalized...

It breaks my heart time and again, whether the news of this type of discrimination involves the Legion having to follow the LCBO rules to deny patches if they want to keep their liquor license or like the story above - veterans are denied participation in a parade because of the small group in our community that feel the need to impose their inconsiderate behaviour on others. 

It is, in my humble opinion - a very sad day. 
Even sadder when you read this next bit...

Liane Langlois of the Edmonton Motorcycle Club has reported in that the city of Edmonton has withdrawn it's appeal of the Stuart Young case. Stuart won his case (regarding Motorcycle Only Noise Tickets issued under the J2825) in court citing a number of problems with J2825 - he and many riders have successfully fought these tickets but now true justice is being denied. The higher court ruling would have effectively squashed the by law - but now, with the city's withdrawal well - the precedent that we were looking for hasn't truly been set yet - however, the fact that they have withdrawn does show that the city of Edmonton felt they could not defend their by law and win.

Liane states: I received possibly the most anti-climatic phone call tonight from Stuart Young. With 2 days to go until court, the City withdrew their appeal. We did not receive any sort of explanation but common sense would say they took one look at our defence and in a tactical move, knowing they would lose, would not allow us to get our ruling from a higher court. End quote

So there you have it folks - if the government can screw you over they WILL - and none of this appears to be about noise but about money and being too stubborn to admit the testing and it's implementation is flawed.  If this was TRULY about noise then why did they opt for the expensive to implement J2825 when they could have had the Noise Snare right from the beginning - WHY....

It's a question I would love to ask city of Edmonton counsellors - they knew about the technology that would be fair in that it targets ALL non commercial noise offenders and is very labour UN intensive - I do not get it you?

In other News:
RCMP in BC are on the hunt for a full patched member of the Hells Angels in conjunction with a murder

Also in BC a man who is riding to the NT to promote depression awareness has passed through Smithers

In Toronto - two police officers who beat up an aged disabled man will get house arrest instead of jail - read the lame assed reason the judge gave...

Also in Ontario - the North Wall Riders want to remind you of their event this weekend

In Michigan - if you are 21, been riding for 2 years, have taken a motorcycle safety course and carry $100,000 in medical insurance you can ride your bike with no helmet under the new law.

In Britain a 94 year old is certified as the oldest rider 

There is a lot of other news in the feeds and I hope you will check them out - to be forewarned is to be for armed...knowledge is power...

Have a fabulous hump day everyone and please remember if you are riding today to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember to use respect with that throttle hand - it may be day time for you but for some poor SOB it is their night cause they work night shift.

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  1. Kimber5:22 PM

    That truly is sad news. Veterans seem to get shafted regularly by the countries they serve. It's very sad that the sacrifices they made that enabled the Inconsiderate the freedom to be asses, came back to punish them (the Veterans) by denying them the freedom to ride their bikes in the parade. The people in charge really need a good dose of common sense.

  2. It's a sad indictment for sure. To me, it's a sign that people are still able to enjoy life and exercise a bit of independence, no matter what they may have been through, or their social background come to that.

    Excellent blog!


    Geoff in New Zealand