A number of events here in the north of Alberta were hampered by rain yet again. What a soggy mess and yet we are still luckier than many regions.

I attended the Rough Ryders Alberta Show 'n' Shine for STARS - while there were only a few bikes on hand there were a number of beautiful old cars and trucks out.

I will be doing a feature on the show 'n' shine for next weeks paper.

The reports I have read on Facebook were that the Hillbilly Hammerdown was a great time and all though she threatened Mother Nature left the riders dry for the most part. In Saskatchewan - the St Victor Boogie last weekend was a soggy affair...

It is my hopes that we could all say a prayer - now I know many of you aren't necessarily religious but hopefully like me you are spiritual...

"Mother Nature, we riders have waited through a harsh winter, a soggy and cold spring to be able to ride our noble steeds and drink in the beauty and abundance that surround us when we are on our motorcycles. Let us pay homage to your beauty by allowing us to ride in relative warmth and I promise you I will adore you in a way befitting your majesty. Amen"

Perhaps if we all put our energy into positive thinking Mother Nature will hear our pleas and help every event we ride to be a huge success for the charities in our communities.

I have 3 months of books to get started on today. I leave on my 43 day round trip across this magnificent country on July 4th and have 2 business proposals to get in before I leave as well so cross your fingers for me that I am able to get everything done before I leave.

My Conga Schedule will be updated tomorrow as I fill in the last blanks on my rooms and the people I am going to be riding with - I am so excited to get the opportunity to meet with and ride with so many wonderful  people!  Together we are going to make some incredible commercials to share all over the internet and hopefully on TV too!

The news feeds have lots of info today...

An Edmonton rider is dead after crashing in to a gravel pile 

Also in Alberta the distracted drivers law comes into effect in September.

In Saskatchewan a rider was injured in a crash after he lost control

In Manitoba the police are trying very hard to shut down the group Wise Up the photo radar watch dog.

In Ontario the Bob Probert ride was a huge success  and a Biker with Brain Cancer does some incredible fund raising and awareness raising!

Also in Ontario the CAV paid honor to a Canton Civil War Vet

In Sidney NS a rider was caught doing 160KPH OVER the posted speed

The Canada Free Press has an interesting article on Freedom in the US and asks the question - what happened to Freedom.

There a number of other really worthy articles - so check them out at

Have a fabulous Monday everyone and please remember if you are riding today to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember also to use respect with that throttle hand - it may be day time for you but for some poor SOB it is their night cause they work night shift  and if you are really unlucky it could be a postal worker who has been ordered back to work - that could be nasty!

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