I have a question regarding a letter to the editor that showed up in the news feeds...
BC has not yet changed it's helmet law - and yet there are RCMP officers  who are harassing people over their beanies - WHY?

I witnessed this very thing in Kelowna at the Kreater Custom Motorcycles Rock 'n' Ride - a police officer whipped in behind a rider who was pulling into the event, he blocked both lanes so no one could move in either direction, got out of his squad card and proceeded to lecture the rider on his responsibility and handed him a ticket for improper helmet. How in heaven's name can these people write tickets for something that is not on the books yet? Can anyone answer that for me?

I have heard of many cases of riders being left on the side road with no helmet because an officer takes it or refuses to allow a rider to leave until they have a DOT helmet and I suppose that's OK in provinces that have DOT helmet laws - but seriously, if a headlamp is out on your car, you are given a ticket and told to get it repaired. A headlamp is safety equipment so why is a helmet treated differently? I don't get that. Am I being obtuse?

There are other instances that I can think of where a police officer seems to think that his personal opinion on something is the law, like patches...police officers want to see all outlaw motorcycle club and 1 per center patches banned as if they are some how a lethal weapon - they use comments like - they use their patches to advertise, they use their patches to intimidate - I call BS, the only reason anyone would be intimidated is because of the spin the police and mainstream media put on things. Clothing does not make you a good or bad person - it is your actions and conduct that does.

Any uniform, any group in large enough numbers can be intimidating if the right spin is put on it - look at riot police and the fact that we hear all of the time about abuse of authority - to me it's almost like the pot calling the kettle black...

Oh well - I guess unless enough tax payers start actually doing something about the injustices that happen we are stuck with police officers who think they are the be all end all and that we who pay them have to take their crap because if anyone in the world is intimidating it is a cop with a bad attitude and his/her hand on their gun.

Have you ever noticed that about polices officers? The next time you encounter one be they a good cop or a rogue, watch them and watch what they do with their hands - it's amazing how they don't see their behaviour as intimidating.  

Another article that caught my eye was the All About Bikes article called:

Is It Time to Ban Motorcycles? The article is a response to the article in the Sun-Sentinel  where in the writer spins all of the statistics into a nightmare of death and carnage and tells us - we who love the motorcycle to grow up - that is costs our system too much because of the crashes. The All About Bikes article counters that with the facts, this if more motorists paid attention to the job of driving, then fare fewer riders would be injured or killed.

They are both interesting reads if you have time...

And that is the perfect segue to our Motorcycle Awareness Conga...I have a ton to do and only 10 days to be prepared for a 43 day trip across Canada and back - yes the 2011 Share the Road, Share the Ride Motorcycle Awareness Conga is heating up.

I am going to be privileged to ride with the Yukon Gold Wing Road Riders, the OMRA in BC, Ride for Dad in MB, HOG in BC, HOG in NB, Retreads in ON, Defenders & Saddlebags in NS and I can't wait!

Yukon Tourism made my day by organizing a flight over the glaciers at Haines Junction and a dinner theatre in Beaver Creek -  I am going to get to explore a bit more of the Yukon than I originally had thought I would - and as exciting as that is - I am just as excited to get the chance to finally meet a lady called Buck Shot Betty - her real name is Carmen Hinsen and she runs a campground, cabins and restaurant on the Yukon Alaska border! I am also excited to meet many of our Rider Friendly Business Association® partners and be able to experience first hand what makes these people who run these businesses so special!

I am being sponsored by so many businesses and tourism regions this year - it is highly gratifying to see these places and people taking motorcyclists as tourist and their safety seriously and being willing to show their support of this community!

Our country is so diverse in it's panoramas and its culture and I am gratified to be in a position to experience Canada by Motorcycle - I hope you will consider joining me somewhere along the route - be it for an hour, a group ride, a day or a week...I would love the opportunity to meet you, discover your community and would be honored to ride with you. We will be updating the route and schedule in the next day or two so watch for that and see where on the road you might be able to join up!

And remember - we are going to be filming motorcycle PSA's on sharing the road - these home grown commercials are going to feature riders and their friends and families as they ask other motorists to share the road with us.

Yes the ride to Cape Breton and the Thunder in the Highlands is going to be rewarding, exhausting and exhilarating and I am champing at the bit to get started!

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In other news:

The Hells Angels in Australia have won an epic court case.

Laconia is preparing for the Hells Angels World Run

In Wisconsin they are mourning the death of one of the early gals of riding - Marry Gundram -Trapp died at 96 year of age...RIP gal and thanks for blazing the trail for the rest of us lady riders.

In Ontario - the CAV is hosting a Poker Run in Trenton for the Children's Wish Foundation
Also in Ontario  - Windsor is getting ready to host the Portraits of Honor - if you haven't seen this exhibit - it is a MUST DO

In ON there is another special Military Event taking place

In SK they are preparing for the Ride for the Breath of Life

Also in BC and Alberta rider crossed the centre line and hit a car

There is a ton of other news of note in on the web site over at
Hope you will check it out.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone and an even better weekend - please remember if you are riding today to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember also to use respect with that throttle hand - it may be day time for you but for some poor SOB it is their night cause they work night shift - sleep deprivation makes one cranky...

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