My husband returned from his father's funeral 8 days ago, was home a day and left on his motorcycle to head to Vancouver and his best friend's memorial/funeral (Dave had died in March but they weren't putting him to rest until June). After the service Dave's brother Scott and hubby headed to the races in Washington State - it was the holiday that Dave, Mark and Scotty were going to take together - so the 2 boys did it anyway.

With hubby away I have been rocking through as much work as I can - and then came Father's Day which also happens to be my birthday. My daughter had gone White Water Rafting in Jasper with her girl friends so I was alone. What to do with the day - I didn't feel like working - I felt like lounging but knew I would feel guilty with everything that needs to get done before I leave for the Conga on July 4th.

I decided to edit the videos from my trip to Oshawa and the Heroes Highway Ride. You know - it was a great experience - reliving every soggy mile - the smiling faces, the love, the laughter, the tears....the two videos were truly a labour of love and while I am not great with editing - I think the videos turned out OK.

Here is the walk about in Bellville at 10 Acre Truck Stop so you can get a true feel of how many bikes were present:

And the second video of the ride and our time in Oshawa:

 I hope these two videos inspire you to join the ride next year - well organized, and FREE for the rider - I gotta tell you it was one of those experiences I will never forget and one I hope to have again next year if Lou and the Perfect Pigs MC will have me! Visit the HHR site to keep up to date for next years event:

I got a deeply disturbing article today from a man named Bruce Arnold - he is well known in the US as a Long Distance Rider and is - like myself somewhat of an advocate to heighten the awareness of what our governments and police services are doing behind the scenes.

I hope you will read the article -

I know it is extremely long folks but please take a half hour out of your life to educate yourself - this is a disturbing topic - it is all about the collapse of the US Mortgage infrastructure and financial institutions and how the police services in the US and their POLICY on domestic violence contributed to it's demise. 

The man who wrote his final statement of farewell and sent it to the Sentinel and people like Bruce torched himself on the front steps of the Cheshire County Court House.

The facts the man dug up are deeply distressing and it is my hope that you will see just how the system in the US works and how dangerously close to the same sort of system we are becoming here.

After you read his article - which I PRAY you do - I would love your feedback and input.

There is a ton in the news again today so please swing by and check out the news feeds.

Have a fabulous Monday folks...and PLEASE ride like everyone around you is BLIND and can not see you and use respect with that right had - remember grandpa could be having a nap...or a mom with a sick baby might have just gotten baby to sleep.

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