The news feeds have a real mixed bag in them this morning - 6 bikers are either dead or injuredPennsylvania is talking about reinstating a helmet law and David Hatch from Whistlestop Production spent his 50th birthday in an interesting way.

Anyone who knows me knows I love good coffee and good food so when I read this next article's lead my curiosity was peaked! As good at marketing as Harley is I gotta say I am impressed with the direction Ducati is taking with their new Ducati Caffe's - Italian food and motorcycles - now there is a dining experience I can get behind - I wonder if we can convince them to serve Biker Coffee Company Coffee - then we would have a total match made in Biker Heaven!

Yes - the feeds are a mixed bag today but beyond the Ducati article one other one caught my eye today...

The Feds in the US are going after the Mongols trade mark again.

In 2008 when the cops arrested the top dude in the Mongols - they discovered that he had registered their insignia as a trademeark - they went after it and got a temporary injunction - the preliminary order of forfeiture was signed by a Judge Wright and then he reversed his decision because the defence claimed the mark is owned by a group not an individual.

According to the article: Begin QuoteWright reversed his decision in September, however, after the Mongol Nation Motorcycle Club Inc. argued that the trademark and logo were a collective membership mark — meaning it identified a group of people — and therefore could not be owned solely by one person.
George Steele, who is representing the Mongols, said that because one person cannot own a collective membership insignia, it could not be seized from Cavazos.
“It’s legally impossible for one person to own a collective membership mark, so if it’s illegal, they can’t take it,” Steele said.
Prosecutors have since worked to prove that members of the club knew Cavazos was the sole owner of the logo, and said they had prepared evidence showing such. Wright, however, did not hear oral arguments at Monday’s hearing. End Quote
Since when does a piece of art or a piece of clothing make you a criminal and how does taking that away from the Mongols stop them from "conducting business" as the Crown Prosecuter is trying to argue: 
Begin Quote: The U.S. attorney’s office said the insignia — which depicts a pony-tailed man riding a chopper — is “very, very closely identified with the organization,” and that by removing access to the logo, the Mongols would be further prevented from operating.
“This patch is a central element of the identity of the gang. We’re trying to dismantle a criminal organization, and we’re trying to use whatever tools we can to do it,” said Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office. “In this case it shows our determination to go after this organization as a whole — top to bottom leadership — and after the proceeds of criminal activity.” End Quote
I am not sure I understand the wisdom behind this, can anyone out there explain this situation to me?

Obviously I am missing something here and I welcome any guidance or information that will help me understand this train of thought.

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I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday and please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, and please use respect with that right hand cause you might be waking up a shift worker or interrupting an important meeting for some business person...

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  1. Handsome Dave11:13 AM

    While it is good to be aware of the inherent dangers and risks associated with riding, it is equally important to be aware of the number of incident free kms and miles travelled everyday by 2 wheeled enthusiasts. 6 riders reported down or injured across North America? I say,"6 million incident free kms ridden across North America every day by enthusiasts", Each and every one came home safely with a smile and a great story to share with their significant other. Sort of a "half-empty" or "half-full" way of looking at things..but that's OUR individual choice how to look at things. You know which one works for me?

  2. This was in Canada only Dave - in North America there are more every day than I can count on two hands or three - I never measure the US Stats cause there are far too many to do so.