I read with much interest this morning, about a man named Doug Janzen from Chilliwack who is riding solo to Inuvik - he wants to create awareness for depression.

I applaud and admire the man's undertaking. Having suffered from depression after my daughter was born and being born on Father's Day this particular article really tugged at my heart strings. I have emailed him to offer support and media coverage and hope he will take me up on the offer. I would be honored to support what he is doing.

While I am thinking of birthdays - Make sure you email Glenn Roberts from Motorcycle Mojo a Happy Birthday and Father's Day on Sunday  ( - he and I share a birthday and were both born in the same year - both started our publications due to physical injury - and both love to ride! We are true Gemini's Glenn and I - so join me in wishing him a Happy 51st Birthday!

Now - on to my topic for today - our 2011 Motorcycle Awareness Conga

I - like many riders, am touched by many causes - many reasons to ride outside of the main one. 
As most of you know, I have loved to ride since the first time I got on the back of a bike. Like the rest of you who are born with that bike hole in your heart - I will ride as often and as far as I can - just to be riding. I also enjoy riding for a cause, to create awareness and to foster a sense of community.

This summer I am riding across Canada again - this time Solo, except for those who join me for an hour, or a day, or coffee - and while I will be riding alone a lot I am being supported by so many wonderful people, businesses and regions!

I will have the Never Ride Alone Program following my progress across the country - so while I will be riding alone most of the time, some one will have a pretty good idea where I am at all times!  I also am supported by Best Roadside Service - all of the same services and providers that the big boys have - fuel, towing, lockout - 6 calls - up to 120 KM per tow - and those calls are shareable between spouses, transferable from motorcycle to car, to pick up - good in Canada and the USA - comes with tons of travel perks...

I will also be supported by the Canadian Rider's Support Network. If I break down or need a hand - there are people from across the country willing to help in their regions.

So while riding across Canada by myself is going to be challenging - truly, with all of the tools and resources at my disposal, I am going to be able to relax and enjoy the ride as much as possible - I am as protected out there as I can be. These kinds of support tools are available to you if you are a registered member of - Come Check them out!

I will also have the protection of the DORAN 360 M Tire Pressure Monitoring System
I can check my tire pressures at the push of a button and know that the monitor is accurate to 1/4 pound of pressure!
Once you have the protection tools in place, the rest is up to you - to be sharp, watching and ready for whatever the road puts in your path. 

I am riding to film local "Share the Road, Share the Ride" Motorcycle Awareness Commercials - PSA's that we hope to spread everywhere - TV, WEB, Print, Radio - everywhere - the concept of the commercials is to show the non rider - the human, the family and community side of the rider behind the machine. Just like the construction worker PSA's do - we want to remind the non rider that behind the handle bars is a person who is loved, valuable, wanted and needed - and that we deserve to go home to those who love us, same as they, the non rider do.

As I said earlier, I am being supported by so many wonderful riding clubs (Yukon Gold Wing Road Riders, CAV in SK, Ride for Dad Winnipeg, The Retreads in Ontario, HOG in NB) and by so many wonderful businesses - Eyecandy Customs in Smithers has sponsored and oil change and service, The Capri Inn in Smithers, the 5 Calgary Inn in Calgry - Joe Schmucks in Sicamous - Sturgis North, The Great Canadian Bike Rally, Best Western Prince George, The Cape Breton Bike Fest, Atlanticade in New Brunswick - Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat, Highcountry Inn, Cabot Trail Biker -  Travel Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick are all supporting the trip and there are many tourism regions, businesses and people that I still have to talk to! My word the list goes on and on and I am so humbled and so grateful, it's a lot of work to organize a trip like this but I think these Motorcycle Awareness Videos are going to be wonderful - and vitally important from the education aspect and so if we get anywhere from 1 other 8 or 9 I'd like to create great regional commercials shot, the effort will have been soooo very worth it.  Help me make this ride a success - come meet me somewhere along the road - even if it's just for a coffee.

Please visit the Conga Page and check out our sponsors - without them - NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING that we do would be possible - so please - thank them for supporting this community.

There is much in the news today but due to early morning phone conversations, I am short on time - so I invite you to explore the days news over at  

Have a happy Friday - as my friend Silver Fox says - Butt Shakin' Day!
Please - if you are riding today - this weekend, PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - please use respect with that right hand - after all we don't want to wake Grandma up in the Old Folks Home do we? 

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  1. Hi Renee
    For your cross country Conga you should invest in a "Spot" Tracking Device (or maybe they will donate one for advertizing)so hubby and all the rest of us can watch your progress as you travel. In Tracking mode it sends a signal to a satellite every 20 minutes or so which is then shown on a google map page on the web. All anyone needs to keep track of your progress is the web page address. As part of the service they have a Emergency 911 button you can push if you are out of cell coverage area and need help. (It's a dandy device. For the last three weeks I've been watching two old yankee goats circumnavigating the US and Canada touching as many bays as they can. They started in Key West, went over to the Pacific, north to the Arctic Ocean and are presently in northern Ontario. Its very interesting.)Consider it.