Today we have another example of profiling - a tattoo shop in Ontario is owned by a guy who is a member of the Outlaws MC, the police are now working at labeling it a club house by reporting on TV that the Outlaws are back in town and watching his place of business and yet according to the reporter he says if it is a club house they must only like meeting 2 people at a time.

The biker says that the cops have falsely reported his business as a clubhouse and now prospective clients won't come check him out because they are scared and his wife is concerned that rival clubs will also think his place of business is a club house. According to the police statement in the article - outlaw bikers should expect to be monitored.

Now folks - there are for sure criminals in the biker culture -  but as I have pointed out many times - there are criminals in EVERY walk of life.

This is profiling at it's finest/worst.
I have said it before and I will say it again, it is not the clothes you wear, the machine you ride or drive or the people you know or work with that make you a criminal - it is your actions as an individual.

This man - by all accounts - according to the reporter, is running a legit tattoo shop, clean, clinical and with dentist chairs for patrons to sit on while getting their artwork done.
Just because he rides with an outlaw MC, does that mean he is automatically a criminal? The police would like you to believe that...BUT wait....

If we started labeling every cop as a drunk because of the actions of men like Monty Robinson or the many other officers who have been charged with impaired - would that be an accurate assessment of the police services as a whole?  Or what if we labeled them all as wife beaters or masturbaters because of the actions of some? How about the label of thief? There are after all officers who have stolen money and drugs from evidence rooms...

Yah - I thought not - that kind of blatant, sweeping tarring would not go over too well at all because it is clearly  untrue - not all officers conduct themselves that way and we know it and exhibit more intelligence than that.

We, the riders who are not a part of the one per centers world are constantly targeted as potential bad asses and why? Because the police services want to improve their budgets and their careers. There are not enough "bad" guys riding motorcycles for the police to throw enough fear out there so they like make Joe Q Public think we are all bad apples.

While we can't say that all cops are drunks or thieves we can say that there is a pervasive mentality exhibited by MOST police officers - one of fear mongering and suspicion that serves NO ONE. The police services will, as a majority, flip the switch on the truth and 
mis-state the truth when it serves their purpose. And again, that purpose is more about budgets and careers than it is to Serve and Protect.

Our police have become far too powerful for their own good or for the good of any citizen.  I am positive that if we started to exercise our rights under the charter we could prevent the police from hassling and labeling us but it will take a concerted and joint effort on the part of many riders. I can't do it alone - you can't - we need to work together to reclaim our lives and liberty.

The Black, Indian, Italian and Asian communities have been united enough to prevent profiling of their citizens - are we ever going to become that united?

I guess only time will tell. What say you? I'd LOVE to know your thoughts.

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Have a great HUMP day everyone and remember - if you are riding today to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and to use respect with that right hand - you never know what mother with a new baby you might be upsetting or which night shift worker you might piss off if you don't.

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