Imagine you are the Royal Canadian Legion - comprised of veterans and supporters.
Imagine you are holding a motorcycle show 'n' shine - your 9th in fact and imagine the Liquor and gaming commission telling you NO PATCHES....

Evey time I think that I don't need to wave the red flag of discrimination/profiling in your faces another example of the profiling of our community comes to light.

The situation in Orangeville is NOT unique. You see the police services "recommend" to the liquor and gaming commission the terms and conditions of a liquor license for any event - oh they will deny it, they will claim they have no power to persuade - but that is exactly what happens. The RCMP/OPP - whom ever run your jurisdiction - they have the clout to persuade the liquor commission into whatever terms they deem acceptable. They did it to me over my bike show - and I know first hand of many other events that have experienced the EXACT same strong arm tactics.

So if you think for 2 seconds that profiling does not affect you - think again.  
They are doing it to VETS, they are doing it to female riding clubs, manufacturers riding clubs, they are saying YOU CAN NOT wear your patches to attend an event. 
DO YOU FINALLY GET what I am saying folks?

It is not the event coordinator that puts out these discriminatory laws - it is the LIQUOR & GAMING Commission and the POLICE SERVICES. 
Every time we turn around these people are eroding our freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly and our right to fair treatment under the law and provided for under the charter.

According to the article, this is what was in the liquor license- Begin Quote:
“For greater certainty, identifiable markings or items including but not restricted to colors, patches, rockers, insignias, visible tattoos, jewellery or any other support apparel.”

It did include identifiable support of “gangs” but did not clarify what was meant by “gang.”

Concerted efforts by the writer and by the office of MPP Sylvia Jones to determine whether the prohibition is a policy of AGCO or an innovation by the local inspector came to dead ends.

Orangeville Police Services was not involved although Chief Joe Tomei said he wouldn’t encourage service to full colours. “It’s a concern to the public if rival gangs show up.”

In a telephone interview, the chief said such a prohibition would be meant to exclude gangs that have been classified as criminal organizations, such as Hell’s Angels. End QUOTE

Do you see what I mean people?  The cops won't tell you what patches are allowed and what are not - neither will the liquor and gaming commission because it is illegal for them to do so.  The only people who deem the HA to be a criminal organization are the police and because THEY might show up at an event YOU will be asked to take YOUR PATCHES off...

I am sick to death of good events, great causes and really good people being hindered and hampered from doing good work, supporting their communities and causes and having an enjoyable time shut down all in the name of discrimination and profiling.  

Is anyone listening? Or am I the only one seeing this crap for what it is?

I would LOVE your feedback and more importantly someone to step up to help me act - we need a charter challenge folks - seriously.

In other news: 
Liz Metcalfe is the lady rider who was killed in the crash on Hwy 9 in Ontario - her funeral is today:
Thursday, June 16 · 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Benjamin's Park Memorial Chapel
2401 Steeles Ave. West Toronto, ON
Liz was known both on and off the track - a widely respected rider and writer. She is now an angel watching over this community.
In Calgary - not only is the Ride for Dad this weekend, but the Motorcycle Accessory Center is celebrating 25 years in business!
There are many other articles worth reading in the news today - keep yourself informed because an informed community is a strong community.
If you are riding today - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is BLIND and can not see you and please use respect with that right hand.

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  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I'm 100% with you on the issue of discrimination and profiling. I have been in contact with the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton with respect to the "Motorcycle Noise Bylaw" and all complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Their attitude appears to be one of "we can get away with it as long as nobody raises a fuss".

    The silence from the motorcycle community on this issue is deafening! People apparently don't give a crap about their personal rights and freedoms, and until we rise and stand up for our rights we will continue to be oppressed.

    And lawyers - they are living up to their "lowest of low" reputation by standing by doing nothing. If there is no money in it for them, they could care a less about our rights.

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    UMMM !!!!

    Does this mean that if I'm a Canadian Legion member and I'd like to by a glass of coke at the event and I'm wearing my Legion jacket and crests then I won't be served??

    Chuck / Sussex / NB

  3. No Chuck - what it means - if you are a Legion and you want to host a motorcycle event to raise money and awareness you will be told that you can not have motorcycle club patches at your event or no liquor license.

    However - if they can do it to us bikers - then why not to the actual Legion members? Who is next?

  4. Kimber9:12 AM

    It was sheer stupidity on the part of the liquor board to put the conditional restrictions on the Legion's show n shine.
    If you think about it, who did they think were going to attend a motorcycle show n shine?
    And here's another thought: Why is the liquor board so concerned about the attendee's clothing? Wouldn't a bigger concern be who might be driving while intoxicated?
    Seriously. If we're mature enough to drink responsibly, why can't we make our own decisions as to what clothing we wear, while attending social events without having the liquor board threaten the host with the revoking of their licence should their attendees (in the opinion of the liquor board) be "inappropriately" dressed.

  5. Actually Kimmber - please note that the police services are behind the scenes ensuring that these situations are created - the Liquor Board, like the municipal governments tend to take direction from the police - so while it is sad that the liquor board did this - it is paramount that we expose how the police services actually dictate these things

  6. Kimber7:23 PM

    I believe that, but when you confront them (the police), as the ol' boy did - he asked them if he was breaking the law by wearing his vest, to arrest him - they said they have absolutely no hand in what the liquor board does, and the only way they would get involved is if the Legion were to ask him to leave and he refused - then it would be a trespass offense. He (the cop) said it was a civil matter and the police can't do anything about it. I do believe they pull the strings, and the puppets move, but getting them to admit it would be like pulling hen's teeth.

  7. Enforcement is civil but let me tell you if the Legion had not complied the police would be letting the Gaming and Liquor Commission know all about it.

    There is so much collusion that you are right - we know it exists - proving it is the hard part - I wished I had more time to investigate - but I don't...I love that kind of research