Remember last week when I quoted Yves Lavigne as saying the cops want to MANAGE the "Biker Problem"?  Well here is an article that truly seems to back up that statement made by him...

And I quote: The rebirth of the Outlaws motorcycle gang in London is raising the spectre of clashes with their traditional rivals, the Hells Angels.

But the head of the province’s biker unit says there seems to be enough crime in Southwestern Ontario to go around.

“There appears to be enough business to allow them to co-exist,” said Det.-Sgt. Len Isnor of the Ontario Biker Enforcement Unit.

“Having said that, if the market gets to a saturation point, that could lead to problems.” End Quote

The drug trade only appears to be a concern when it means photo ops I guess - and Mr. Lavigne appears to be right in his assessment of the "sand box" pissing match between supposed bad guys that ride motorcycles and the police services - the police want to manage the 1% clubs because it's all about budgets and careers...

In the US, the Indiana Supreme Court has wiped out the 4th amendment making it null and void - a police officer can not be refused entry to your home - if you visit the thread called Tyranny under the quotes of the day - I have articles posted for you to check out - it is tragic folks and SCARY!. (

For those who are not members of our site but want to educate themselves: 
They just recently made it so a police officer can enter your home 24/7 with NO CAUSE or WARRANT - all in the name of Terrorism...
Article 1 from Uncoonfirmed SourcesUncoonfirmed Sources

Article number 2 - from
The Heart of the MatterThe Heart of the Matter

Article number 3 - from
United LibertyUnited Liberty

It is tragic - and here in our own country we are moving more and more in the direction of the Tyranny the US is now living under...think I am wrong? Look at the sweeping powers the police have in this country - they dictate to the cities what they are going to do with regards to enforcement - not the other way around - they charge an arm and a leg for enhanced policing for events - it's NOT about safety or security - it's all about budgets and careers. You see - when they charge for enhanced policing, they can then go to their city/municipality and say - we did this many hours of over time - we need a bigger budget.  When a 1% club starts up in a town - oh...we need more they ever crack down on drugs and violence? For the cameras they do, but really? Do they?

Again I refer back to CSIS and their own stats...

Read paragraphs 18-20:

North America (La Cosa Nostra and outlaw motorcycle gangs)

18. North America either acts as a base of operations or a sphere of activity for all of the transnational criminal organizations mentioned above. In addition to these groups, there are two other types of criminal organizations worthy of mention: La Cosa Nostra and outlaw motorcycle gangs.(14)
19. Generally speaking, La Cosa Nostra is the American offshoot of Italian-based organized crime. This group of Italian Mafia families has its beginnings in the United States' Prohibition era when liquor trafficking made fortunes for those willing to break the law. There are 25 La Cosa Nostra families, with five of the most influential headquartering their operations in New York City. La Cosa Nostra organizations are involved in criminal activity in most major cities in the United States. Their activities include drug trafficking, illegal gambling, arms trafficking, prostitution, extortion, skimming public and private works contracts, usury and infiltration of legitimate business activities (such as construction, food retailing and influencing unions). La Cosa Nostra groups often work with their Italian-based brethren who conduct operations in the United States, although they occasionally compete with them as well.(15)
20. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, with its headquarters in Oakland, California, is the world's largest outlaw motorcycle gang. It has 180 chapters located around the world, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, numerous European countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil. According to the RCMP, the Angels are involved in a variety of criminal enterprises, including drug trafficking, prostitution and money laundering. With 18 Canadian chapters and some 200 members across Canada, they exercise enormous criminal clout.

According to Wikipedia:
An April 2009 CBC News article stated that the Hells Angels have 34 chapters operating in Canada with 460 full-fledged (patched) members.[48] The Hells Angels have 15 chapters in Ontario, 8 in British Columbia, 5 in Quebec, 3 in Alberta, 2 in Saskatchewan and 1 in Manitoba.[48]
The Vancouver Sun newspaper reports that Canada has more Hells Angels members per capita than any other country, including the U.S., where there are chapters in about 20 states.[49] Mr. Réal Ménard (Montréal, PQ) testified in Parliament that the Hells Angels had 38 chapters in Canada in 1995–1997.[50]
The Hells Angels established their first Canadian chapters in the province of Quebec during the seventies. The Outlaws and several affiliated independent clubs were able to keep the Angels from assuming a dominant position in Ontario, Canada's most populous province, until the nineties, while the Grim Reapers of Alberta, Los Bravos in Manitoba, and several other independent clubs across the prairies formed a loose alliance that kept the Hells Angels from assuming dominance in the prairie provinces until the late nineties. By 1997, under the leadership of Walter "Nurget" Stadnick, the Hells Angels had become the dominant club not just in BC and Quebec, but all across Canada, with chapters in at least seven of ten provinces and two of the three territories.[51]

So - from what I can gather through all of my research is this:
There are 19,414 RCMP officers in Canada according to Wikipedia and according to Stats Canada 69,299 Police Officers - or just shy of 89K cops...

According to the stats - if you take Wikipedia's word on it (because CSIS has not updated their stats in a long time) - there are 460 full fledged supposed bad guys who ride let's say those stats are way off - let's say that number is 10 fold - and there are 4,600 supposed bad guys who ride motorcycles - in 2009 according to stats Canada - there were 594,866 registered for highway use motorcycles - even if 1% were truly bad guys there should be 5,949 of them.  Now compare that to peace officers/police and you will see that with 287 RCMP officers having been charged with serious offenses in 2010 fiscal year that equates to more than 1% of ALL police officers and we haven't even looked at the numbers for the other 69,000. ( 287 x 99% = 81,545) so what does that tell you?

Read the Non Conformer's Canadian Web Blog - it has some interesting stats and details in it:

Yes - the more I learn - the angrier I get and the more of a civil liberties fighter I become - I am fed up with the gross mis spending, the unfair and in many cases illegal tactics being used and how our community is always getting tarred with a brush that is soooo unfair - folks - are we ever going to get angry enough to do something? Are we? If so - when?

We pay enough taxes - our rights are being violated all in the name of terrorism - the quote that sparked this topic on Friday was:  “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” James Madison

Me thinks the man was right...
I would LOVE your feedback on this topic!
In other news:

Also in Ontario:

In PEI a rider is dead after he lost control

In happier news - the Ride for Dad has reached  the 1 million dollar mark in Edmonton!

Well - that's it for me on this fine Monday morning - I have a billion things to do to get ready for my Conga - I need to finish getting sponsors so I can afford this mission, I need to get my books caught up and invoicing done and I have a ton of reporters and their event passes etc to get organized - you have a fantastic day - tty tomorrow

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