Man oh man -  there are no shortage of events and charities looking for support this coming weekend and for the rest of the riding season. Our events calendars are full of all kinds of rides and events and so are the newsfeeds!

Did you know that we have a free downloadable Canadian motorcycle events app for your cell phone?  MCTravel is the app name - it's new and still has a few hiccups like the intro screen being too big on IPhone but our developer is working on it.  The app works well on Ipad, Android and so far on Blackberry - if you experience any hiccups with it please let us know so we can address the issue - send screen shots if you can so our developer knows what to work on! Make sure to tell us your phone's brand and operating system!
bdbetty @ (remove the spaces.)

Once we get the kinks worked out on this app we intend - over the next year to release all kinds of apps for your phone...the Rider Friendly Business® Apps for every province...the Great Canadian Day Rides Tourism APP and a Busted Knuckle Chronicles News App!

We are working at making our community information more accessible than ever so that EVERY RIDING CLUB, EVERY EVENT, EVERY CHARITY and EVERY Business we work with gets maximum exposure and you the rider, maximum benefit of fast and informative news and articles and savings.

The more we share, the better off we all are!

I have also joined forces with KARMA Inc out of the US.  We have our first Tee Shirt being launched called Betty with Flags.  The artwork features the Belt Drive Betty® Pin Up Chick in 1940/50's riding gear on a Street Glide (my personal bike) with the Canadian and American Flags behind her. Old meets New - North meets South. Over time we will be introducing many new designs that will feature the Belt Drive Betty® Pin Up Girl in a variety of poses with different bikes etc.

The idea of hooking up with Karma Inc, is like the one of having my own Cafe Press Store... I do not have to stock anything, you get a great product, and, in the case of working with Karma Inc the charities that I support get a small cut of all shirts sold.

The same with working with the Glassdude for my coffee mugs (see bottom of page) or the Biker Coffee Company in Ottawa - by working with other riders we show our support of the people who ride that are in business - when ever possible I work with Canadian owned companies - every now and then though, a brother or sister from the US wants to partner up.

Visit our sign & plate shop - all North American made products - again, drop shipped to you so that I do not have to hold any stock or get stuff packaged and shipped out!  When you support us, it allows us to support all of the riding clubs and charities for free - this is how we fund the free space we donate to them in our weekly newspaper and on our site. 

So, I am asking you all to consider shopping with us and supporting those who work with us. If we didn't have over 300 businesses working with us we could not provide all of the free services and support tools we do.

The Charities we are serving are: The CMTA's Injured Rider's Fund and the Patriot Guards Help on the Home a shirt and show your support of the causes!

Our Calendars are going to be supporting 6 charities - It is my hope to see lots pre ordered so that we can make an impact for every charity we serve!

At Belt Drive Betty Media®, our goal is to pay it forward everyday - help us help you, our community and our businesses, when you subscribe to our paper, when you share your information, when you support the businesses who support us, when you purchase our gear - we all win.

I welcome your feedback - just like every day!

In other news:

In the US today - a motorcycle death prompts a new kind of awareness campaign

In International news - a rider who is visiting all places called Manchester is winding down his trip

Also in international news a biker is being called a hero after a dramatic rescue of a van and it's occupants that were stalled on train tracks.

In ON Canada, our own Amanda-Lynn Mayhew Hare talks about Progeria and the upcoming rally/ride on Daytime Talk

Also in Ontario - the HA's new Club House in Hamilton is undergoing scrutiny from Bylaw
And the CAV are hosting a show n shine!

There's a TON more news in our feeds on

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone, chat at you tomorrow and PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and use respect with that right hand...

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