There is nothing to clear the brain and rejuvenate the soul like 20,000 kilometres of wind therapy - I have seen so many things and ridden with so many great people. Over the coming days and weeks as I finish my articles and post pictures and videos you will see some of what I have experienced.

We have the most amazing country and it is well and truly best seen by motorcycle. 
No A pillars or roof to prevent you from witnessing the eagle soaring overhead or the magnificent waterfalls that appear out of nowhere as you round a corner.  
Canada is majestic and diverse in the panoramas that it affords one who chooses to set out to discover and explore it.  Yes the US is beautiful too but if you have never explored Canada and you are a Canadian rider - may I recommend that you make a firm decision to get out and explore this impressive land?

I was blessed to talk to many riders and find out their favourite roads and to take those roads less travelled and let me tell you that there are many, many unexpected and wondrous surprises that await you, the rider, when you do that.

Being home is a mixed blessing. I am so glad to have slept in my own bed last night, to have snuggled with my husband and to have been scolded by my cat but I was also sad to see the journey and exploration end. I am already planning for next year and believe me - there will be a twist or two in next year's Share the Road, Share the Ride Motorcycle Awareness Conga.

As I said, there were many blessings on this trip and I will share many of them with you in the days ahead... but there were many discouraging and scary things too.

Do you have any idea how many men, men that call themselves professional truck drivers - men who are in command of 110,000 pound weapons called semis are texting while they drive? I have filmed many of them and will be sending video clips to their trucking companies and if those companies do not take a stand, then I will be finding out who their insurance companies are and sending them on to them.

Distracted driving is alive and well in this country in spite of the laws prohibiting the use of cell phones that are not hands free.

Something else that is alive and well in this country - inconsideration and or the lack of knowledge of the rules of the road. 

I am shocked at how few people seem to know the rules of the road. I am even more shocked at how many rude people there are who will pass in construction zones or on the right or who will cut you off all in the name of getting 8' ahead of you. It appears that these people think that they are some how more important than you are. It is a sad and scary thing for sure!

Despite the rudeness, the distracted driving and the lack of knowledge that many drivers exhibit this is one magnificent country and getting off the beaten path of the Trans Canada to really explore it removes much of the risk we riders face out there and improves the quality of our visual and soul satisfying experiences. It is my hopes that as I share the many stories of the people I have ridden with, the places I have stayed and the experiences I have had, that you too will decide to traverse Canada by taking the road less travelled...

In Other news:

In New Brunswick - Moto Moncton is gearing up for it's first time - for those not familiar with Moncton or the New Brunswick region - let me tell you, you are in for a treat!

In Alberta yet another rider has been injured in a tangle with a pick up

In Montreal a rider is dead after another left hand turning crash

In Ontario police are asking people to be extra vigilant in light of two serious motorcycle crashes

In Newfoundland a female riding tourist from the US is crushed to have her trip cut short by the thief that stole her motorcycle

There is much in the news today - hope you will check out the news feeds on to stay informed on the important issues and the event news that is affecting our community!

I would also like to ask you to get your calendars ordered - the more calendars we sell - the better our charities do!

I have much to catch up on, books, reports and writing so I will leave you for now with this thought...

If we are really to live at all we must put our convictions into actionMargaret Sanger 
PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember, we need to share this world so be considerate with that right hand. Until tomorrow,
I am your Editor,

Belt Drive Betty...

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