Every now and then the news has a refreshing, heart warming story and today would be one of those days...

Imagine, a BMW pulls out of a parking lot right in front of a motorcycle, the motorcycle slams into the car and fuel from the motorcycle catches fire, the rider is trapped under the car which is now also on fire...that is the scene that played out in Logan Utah.

What would you do if you happened on this scene? Well, a number of people just pitched in and lifted the car off the rider and drug him out from under the burning car. The driver of the car who was in shock just stood there watching.  If you read the article on CNN and watch the video, you will see a whole bunch of good Samaritans in action. Heartwarming, faith reaffirming, stunning - there are so many labels you could put on this scene...and like the man's uncle - I applaud these every day heroes for their quick thinking and selfless actions.  It sure makes you feel better about humanity - doesn't it.

The driver of the car was reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road at Harrison Hot Springs when the crash happened.

One of the first responders was a local resident who also happens to be a's what he had to say about the crash and the driving situation in the lower mainland:

"Lloyd Blazs, who rides a motorcycle himself, says the behaviour of local motorists is frequently terrifying. "I moved out here four months ago and I'm regretting it," he told the Times. "In downtown Vancouver, with all the cars whizzing by, I feel safe. Out here, I'm scared s---less.
"They're speeding, tailgating, dangerous driving, passing on double-solid yellow lines," he added. "I'm a veteran rider and I'm scared here. "It seems to be a pile of undisciplined drivers who, when they get out on the road, it's 'Me, me, me, and the hell with everybody else.'" End quote.

Well Lloyd, you are not alone in your thoughts on this new breed of driver and their selfishness. Here in a small centre like Grande Prairie we are dealing with much the same scenario - rude and thoughtless, no scratch that - clueless is how I view many of the drivers I come across...

I am not sure what it is going to take to make drivers realize that the vehicle they are driving is a weapon if not used properly and I sure as heck don't know how to take these selfish and self absorbed people and get them to consider others and how their actions have a ripple effect...if any of you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

I want to take some time to thank those who visited a young rider in hospital in Calgary over the past week. Carmen Kirsh was involved in a horrid wreck, which saw the driver of the SUV back over top of her. She spent 10 days in Foothills Trauma Centre and the troops rallied to make sure her time there was passed with a bit of joy and friendship. The CMA, the WITW, the Northern Stars Galaxy of the I.S.R.A. - Sandy et al and Jeff LeGrand of the MRFD - thank you so much - Carmen told me that for the first time she feels like she is a part of a community!  She is out of hospital now, very sore, and with a long road ahead to a full recovery.

I also want to thank Jim R for the $100 donation towards helping this little gal - she is a contractor with no wages coming in as a result of the crash and will need some financial support. You can send donations to The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association
10908-102 ST Grande Prairie AB, T8V 2X3 tagged with Carmen Kirsh Injured Riders Fund.

We have about $900 raised for her so far but she is going to need at least $3000 to see her through until section B benefits start coming in - any and all support you can offer - even $20 is going to go a long way to making her recovery a bit easier to deal with.

Like every day I welcome your feedback on what's in the news.

There is a ton of news over on  where we sift through the news so you don't have to...

Please have a safe and enjoyable day out there and remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you...oh and don't forget to use respect with that right hand, the person working nights that you wake up could be a cop and all that will do is put him/her in a real ugly frame of mind...

Until tomorrow...
Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor

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