There is an article this morning where in a motorcyclist was charged for texting on his motorcycle.

I find it disturbing that anyone who rides a motorcycle could even conceive of a way to text and ride...apparently the young man in question is a habitual offender and was on probation at the time.
I guess there are some that think the rules of the road do not apply to them and I suppose that the justice system will deal with him, but even if he gets the 2.5 - 5 years that could be coming his way, will he learn?
Will he be any different when he comes out. More appropriately - WHAT will he learn while in jail?

Then there is a letter to the editor that was sent in to the Comox Valley Newspaper...

The man was referring to the recent toy run: "This time the picture on the flag was a teddy bear, a cute and cuddly creature intended to deflect criticism of this mass show of force by the lawless."

He goes on to say: "I don't respect anti-social bullies who roar around with their friends for an hour as a public relations exercise so they can continue to get away with breaking the muffler laws for the rest of the year.
I do realize that the majority of motorcyclists are decent people who ride quietly. Unfortunately, these events bring out the other kind, and we have plenty of them in the Valley.
It's time to rethink whether "rides" are the best way to show caring for others." End quote.

I will reiterate what I have said many times in the past.
The reason that so many do not like our community and it's mode of transportation stems from the rude behaviour of some.  

If we do not start policing our own, telling others who exhibit anti social behaviours that their behaviour is not acceptable, then guess what - the vocal minority will win and WILL see our events, parades and other runs shut down.

The only way to preserve and protect our lifestyle is to show consideration for others.
Remember that while we love our motorcycles - not everyone else does or they too would be riding.

How do you stop or curb the anti social behaviours of those that ruin it for everyone else?

By shunning them. Turning your back on the stunter instead of applauding him/her.  

By telling that individual that they need to be respectful with their right hand while participating in a group event and if they are not, then perhaps the next time a group event comes up that that person wants to participate in, asking them to leave.

Telling them that "I am sorry to inform you that the rest of us feel you are a heat score, and we would really rather you not attend this charity ride because we want to support our charity and do this ride for a long time and your conduct puts our charity and event at risk of being shut down."  OR "Your $20 contribution is not worth the stopping of thousands and thousands of dollars that we raise, so please do all of us a favour and go ride somewhere else"...

I wonder if we tried some sincere honesty if we could affect some positive change?

What say you? How can we stop some the silliness and turn the tides of people seeing us as anti social?

Again, there is a ton of news out there. Please take a few moments and visit to see what's happened or is happening that might affect your day and life...

Until tomorrow, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and use respect with that right hand...the mother of a colicky baby will thank you even if she doesn't know that you were respectful...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. I live right in between two large universities and see people riding scooters doing similar things all the time! Very foolish indeed!

    Yesterday I saw some riding down the road (again on a scooter, which I think attracts idiots) carrying a whole bag of golf clubs.

    I have also seen someone riding with his left arm in a cast/sling (again a scooter. No clutch)

    Hopefully no one who rides this is that foolish!