Trevor Nason was a teacher at Caledonia Regional High School in Hillsborough at the time of his death but had spent the previous two years at Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton.

He was well loved and  if the photo in the article on the CBC web site is any indication - he was respected in the riding community too.  So many people turned out to say a fond farewell and pay their respects that the gent who organized the motorcycle escort requested by Trevor's wife Claudia was shocked:

"It takes your breath away. Really, I mean, look how many people showed up in two days, three days notice booked all their days off work, they took a day off without pay,” Korotkov said. End quote

The teacher and rider got a send off that befitted his charm and character, it's just sad that this couldn't have been a retirement party.

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I am off to a meeting in five minutes so I had best hightail it out of here.

Please - if you are riding today, ride like everyone is out to get you and BLIND and use respect with that right hand...

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