At the Pumpkin Fair in Manteca California this past weekend the Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry had 2 of it's members asked to leave the fair. Why? The Manteca Police said it was because of the shooting in Sparks Nevada.  One of the elders of the ministry wrote a letter to the editor where in he asked the same question I have been asking here in Canada, "Isn't profiling illegal?

I find it discouraging how few riders actually get involved in protecting our rights. Here in Canada it appears that we are a community of defeatists. Why is that? Why are we not more vocal and indignant when a Military Motorcycle Club has it's event shut down because the hosts wear a three piece patch?
Why are we not more upset when a Legion is forced to ask riders wearing club patches to leave a motorcycle show 'n' shine?

Why are we not more supportive of the people who fight for our rights?
Are we really that complacent? Are our regular lives really so busy that we can't take a moment to write a letter of support or frustration?

I listen to riders who whine, snivel and complain, but ask them to do anything meaningful that will actually prevent these types of things from happening in our community and the answer you get is "I am too busy" or "I will" and they never do.

If we don't care enough about the things that happen unjustly to our community then it won't be very long before we in this country are not going to be allowed to ride in urban centres. Some 200 cities in China have banned motorcycles, there are cities in California that have banned motorcycles, so don't tell me it won't happen here. It can and it will.

In Florida, the government there is claiming that the $250K dollars that is given to ABATE is being spent inappropriately.  Bryan Nelson, one of the Florida state representatives, in spite of a recent audit of ABATE and it's affairs that said the organization is complying with it's contract with the state. The state representative feels the money should not be spent on bumper stickers, key chains, fridge magnets, radio ads or bus billboards and other information but instead on seminars.

It appears to me that every where you look, motorcyclists are being squeezed and yet, there is very little indignation. And now, because of the profiling that is happening out there we have outlaw clubs that are beginning to sport one piece patches...that is not only unwise, but dangerous to our community. Why? Well, now there will be no way to tell who is who beyond the diamond patch of the 1% clubs or perhaps the support patches that some sport.

It is a sad state of affairs if you ask me. We are far too complacent in this country and I fear that every soldier who laid their lives on the line to protect our rights has done so in vain. We don't appear to care - we appear to think "It can't happen here" but it is, in a very subtle way and it will only escalate.
That is unless we get our proverbial poop in a group.

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In other news:

In Germany this past week...the Hells Angels have been banned from  Frankfurt.

In the US - Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree is recovering after a motorcycle crash. The Jackyl frontman and co-star of Full Throttle Saloon on Tru-TV is expected to make a full recovery.

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If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, please ride carefully and enjoy your Monday!

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