A Suzuki powered couch rode its way to a land speed record...yup, you read it right!
The stunt was part of the "Add a Motor to It" Promotional series and Glenn Sutton from Australia rode that couch at 163 KM PH breaking the previous record of 148 KM PH.

When you watch the video, I am sure you will have the same question I did - how the heck fast could that Suzuki have gone without the coffee table and couch on it?  It's crazy what some people will do to get some notoriety - but I am sure there is many a drag racer out there thinking, I need these guys to build me an ENGINE!!!!

In other news - it appears that Sturgis North is being partially blamed for poor attendance at the Nakusp Music Festival which is regrouping to decide how to handle their 2 year deficit totalling $200K.

Even with the top prize of getting some one on one time with Kevin Costner, the event could not dig it's self out of the first years debt of $80K....

I am wondering if it wouldn't be wise for these event coordinators to talk to each other. Seriously - there are only so many weekends to go around and with so many events going on, some are bound to suffer and as we are witnessing, the trend is disturbing...If you were an event coordinator, what would you do to ensure the success of your event? As an event attendee - what do you want in an event?  I am sure that if we, the attendees of these events told coordinators what we want to do and see, they could come up with a winning formula.

The Ride for Dad organizers in Ottawa must be some proud of themselves as it was announced that their contribution of $200K went towards the purchase of a new $5 million dollar surgical robot.

The surgical team that will use this robot spent two years being trained on its use at the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota. In all there are now 11 robots in Canada.

The Ottawa Hospital Foundation is naming one of their patient education rooms after the Ride for Dad as their way of thanking them for their continued support in fighting prostate cancer.

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Have a safe and fabulous weekend - I will talk to you all on Monday.

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