In the news today is a story out of Las Vegas regarding a class action law suit over Nevada's helmet law.

The law suit was filed against the county and 5 of its cities.
The suit alleges that the agents (police) have an on going pattern of issuing helmet tickets that are not supported by probable cause and that the tickets violate the civil rights of those who are suing because they are issued as a pretext for invading liberties and civil rights.

It is estimated that the suit could represent as many as 40,000 riders. The Nevada state helmet law has been in effect since 1972.

We here in Canada also have similar cases where the police services stop people for supposed violations only to be questioned extensively about their tattoos, patches and stickers.

I have been calling for riders here in this country to become united and now would be the time.

We have some unsettling things happening like true 1% MC's now sporting one piece patches. Why are they doing that? Well - an educated guess would be that they are tired of being targeted over their three piece patches. It goes entirely against patch protocol and ethics, however with so many LEMC's sporting three piece patches with no prospecting period and muddying the waters of who is who, I guess they feel justified in breaking with tradition.

The sad truth is though, that by wearing one piece patches, the true 1% MC's are going to make it so that  EVERYONE who wears a one piece patch will probably start getting pulled over and questioned...NICE huh - NOT.

I would love your feedback on what you think about this turn of events. If all 1% MC's went to a one piece patch what would happen to our community and how it is percieved? Join the discussion on Facebook, in our forums on or right here in my blog...

In other news:

In Ottawa the police there raided a suspected Hells Angels clubhouse.

Some good news out of BC...Frank Mazzei who was involved in a crash in Saskatchewan about a month ago is out of coma. The well known and loved Nanaimo Philanthropist is walking, talking a small amount and even able to write some!

ON TV - "MythBusters" puts motorcycles "Green" effect to the test.

There are many other news items that might affect your day, I hope you will check them out at  we sift through the news so you don't have to!

I hope you are enjoying your provincial news letters and your national newspaper today and that you will take our Riders Survey!

Have a fabulous Thursday...ride safe and with respect please.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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