At least that is what Plant City police officers are saying.

In fact, more and more Police Services are using Victory Motorcycles and there are a ton of reasons why.

In the deep south, places like Texas (Pasadena TX), where temperatures soar well into the hundreds, Victory motorcycles are out performing Harley's. Why? Harley's over heat is the primary reason, but as I read I find that officers love all of the standard safety features that the Victory offers PLUS they love the 106 CI Engine that offers 97 horses. Here is an article from Polaris showing off some of the Texas and Kansas Police Bikes:

Victory motorcycles have a tighter turning ratios, tip over protection, fixed floorboards, and bottom skid plates to to mention better ground clearance than Harley's allowing officers to travel places with their Victories that Harley's dare not go. Their prices are comparable to the Harley, and offers two models that are exceedingly popular among police officers - the Cross Country and the Commander.

Victory itself doesn’t officially offer law enforcement models. The Victory Police Motorcycles program was not created in the Medina, Minnesota, offices of Victory Motorcycles.  Nope, the Victory Police Motorcycles program is the creation of Tucson, Arizona Victory dealers Nita Buckner and Mike Schultz and they will customize those motorcycles to whatever the police want and need for lighting, communications etc. Check it out:

I recently test road the Victory Cross Country and I have to tell you - it is an amazing machine. Victory motorcycles have come so far from what they started out as. The only thing that truly hasn't changed is the engineering. This motorcycle brand offers some of the most responsive and impressive handling machines I have ever had the pleasure of riding. Back in '05 when I test rode the Kingpin, the only thing I did not like were the accessories, the saddlebags were small and cheaply built, not so today. In fact, they now have such an impressive offering of accessories and clothing that I was really impressed. They have come SOOO far in 7 years.

My Black Betty, a 2007 Street Glide, has over 80K on her and it is time to start shopping for a new motorcycle. The trips I take tend to be long ones and the standard features of the Victory appeal to me in a big way: The bike I would want, decked out the way I want is $24K and change....

Here is a Youtube Video that explains WHY the police love these motorcycles:

I was seriously considering the Victory before, but the more I read, the more videos I watched in doing this editorial, the more I am convinced that my next bike will be a Victory.

What say you?

There is a lot of news from around the world today including the call to ban kids on motorcycles in the city of Quezon City in the Philippines.

A new book all about the women who love outlaw 1% bikers is out called Devilz Dollz

Honda is set t start producing its crosstouring bike

There was another fatal motorcycle crash in Nova Scotia

A rider in Niagara Falls Ontario who survived a crash where he faced life threatening injuries is now facing multiple charges included impaired driving, impaired driving causing bodily harm (he was carrying a passenger who was injured as well)

For all of the news that might affect your day or life visit where we sift through the news so you don't have to.

Have a fantastic Friday, a fabulous weekend and lease, if you are still riding, remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. I have test ridden several of the Victory bikes. They are very well engineered.