Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the bounty and abundance that is all around us, however, it is a time of mourning for so many. I am unsure of what it is about long weekends, but it appears to me that the news, the day after a long weekend is filled with all kinds of sad and tragic news.

Motorcycle crashes abounded this past weekend and I pray for those families who have been affected that they have the strength and support that they need to get through the next while.

Ali and I have finally joined the ranks of those who use MAC computers, this last two weeks have been filled with transferring information, setting up the new systems that we working on - it's been a learning curve and a challenge but I now understand why people love their MAC's.  When Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer last week I wanted to cry...ok I did cry. My thoughts were, why did this brilliant man who gave so much to so many have to pass? We need all of the brilliant minds we can get...

On August 24th when he resigned, I am sure the rest of the world had no idea just how ill he really was, Pancreatic cancer is one of the most painful cancers it is also the cancer that took another great from us not all that long ago, Patrick Swayze.

I found myself giving thanks for so many things this past weekend, for my health, the people I love,  my motorcycle, the technology that allows me to do the work I have chosen to do - that of helping my community communicate, stay informed and unite...the community I am a part of...I have so very much to be grateful for in spite of the sadness that is around me.

I hope and pray that you as well had lots to give thanks for and that you were able to spend time with the people you love and reach out to others less fortunate. Counting our blessings and being grateful are important things for us all to do in my humble opinion and as I said, I have so much to be thankful for.

What did you give thanks for this past weekend? I would love to know.

In other news:

I am heading to Ontario this coming weekend.
I will be attending the Classy Chassis Cycles Auction on Saturday and I can't wait to get there.
Jon Burman and his staff put on some of the best events out there and their annual auction has garnered a lot of attention and cudo's as a great way to buy a bike...and with over 70 bikes going on the auction block it should prove exciting as well. I look forward to sharing with you what makes this event special. I also look forward to meeting more riders and sharing the love of the road.

In Regina, friends and family are getting ready to say goodbye to Mark Popowich who passed away in Florida on the week end. He died of a massive heart attack.

In the US - the Brown's defensive line backer, Marcus Benard was injured in a crash this past weekend.

Also in the US, Highway 58 between Melstrand and Grand Marais has become a dangerous road to travel thanks to thousands of nails that have been intentionally put on the road.

Viet Nam vets who ride claim that they were disrespected at the Tribal Casino and the Westboro Baptis Church is at it again...

Our 5th Annual Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine - is getting geared up, so get those photos of your ride ready, we begin accepting submissions in December - we'll let you know when as soon as Ali and I have everything ready.

There are only 2 and a half weeks left to get your charity calendars. Once the pre ordering is done - that's it cause I am not ordering tons of them only to get stuck with them. If you want to get yours visit the following pages:
Lady Riders
Motorcycle Men
Biker Kidz

Pre ordering ends October 31st, we go to print November 1 and start delivering Calendars mid November...don't miss out!

I will sign off for today asking you to please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and I wish you a fabulous Tuesday.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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