The Sturgis North Motorcycle Rally & Music Festival is front and centre of a blatant fear mongering article by the CBC.  

Were there members of the Hells Angels at the Sturgis North last year? Yes - did they cause trouble? NO - in fact a really stupid woman who was fighting with her boyfriend caused more ruckus and BS than anyone there. I know because I dealt with her when she wouldn't quit attacking the man who kept trying to walk away from her.

The ridiculous article will fuel the Anti Biker Units and the RCMP to swarm the event and cost the event coordinator tons of money for enhanced policing and will put a damper on the event as every rider who attends will be put under police scrutiny - UNFAIRLY - AGAIN.

The main stream media is so often used as pawns but the police services and yet again, it appears that the CBC would rather create sensationalism as opposed to report on the real news.

I shake my head at this inane report that sees the mayor of Vernon all worked up and concerned that unlawful people might enter his town as a result of the event....

In other news:

Abbotsford BC is getting geared up for Motopsycho Mania - here is the link for your chance to win tickets: Win Tickets To Motopsycho Mania In Abbotsford

In Virginia they are getting ready for a fight to do away with motorcycle only check points - wouldn't that be wonderful if they are successful!

In South Carolina there is another fight brewing over the H-D spring rally - the dealer wants to make it 10 days and now Horry county is considering banning all vendor permits and the ABATE is not happy with the dealership...

There are many other articles in the news feeds that may be of interest to you - visit to see what might affect YOUR world!

I leave you with a few giggles shared by my friends on FB and by email...

Have a fabulous Thursday and remember - get your show n shine entries in!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Some "journalists" will do anything to sell articles/papers. Anyone who has been around rallies know that there is very very little trouble from the majors M/C's.