Ready or not, here I come - Calgary Motorcycle Show 2012 Edition!

I am soooo looking forward to all the hugs, the bikes, the laughter, the bikes, the entertainment, the bikes, the bling, the bikes...YES - I do have PMS and for those of you who think I am being too out there - or are men not familiar with that term outside of the female realm...


Every year about this time my feet get itchy to travel, my palms sweat, my heart races, my stomach feels anxious. I become short tempered, over sensitive and just plain old nasty.

When I went to see the saw bones a few years back, Dr. Roadmeister told me that there was only one way to give myself and those around me any sort of temporary relief until riding season came around - go see motorcycles, hence the bike shows are a great stress reliever, but what about at night...or early morning when that's not possible? He then suggested pictures and videos along with books on motorcycles to assist in the pain reduction.

He warned that since the medication wears off quickly and that since I have such a bad case of PMS, that I needed to be put on a high dosage prescription.

So we started the Beat the PMS Blues Online Show 'n' ShineTM to guarantee a high dose of photographic medication for me - we made sure there were great prizes and the contest was free to ensure a high volume of medication came in.

Dr. Roadmeister also suggested great motorcycle videos - he recommended I spend some time watching BDB TV and  VRide TV.  Reruns of SOA or watching the DVD's and old bad B movies on bikers could also work in a pinch.

He said he doubted I had much time to read but that if I did any of the motorcycle fictions by Adelle Laudan could be beneficial.  The Cross-Eyed Airbrushing book was also suggested.

This weekend I am going to be on massive doses of medication - until then though I need to see more photos in that Show 'n' Shine or I may have another attack and that would not be good for anyone!

The best thing about the drugs that Dr. Roadmeister has ordered for me - in a life long prescription no less - is I can share my drugs!

You will know if I am getting appropriate amounts of medication or not by simply looking at me this weekend - if I am smiling, walking with a bit of a spring in my step - then the dosage is just right - if not I will be wearing a frown, kicking at things as I walk by and you will generally want to avoid me...something tells me though, this is going to be a GREAT weekend.

There is quite a bit of news in the feeds today - a few international stories that caught my eye - the kinds of stories that let you know no matter your skin colour, your language, your background, your education, your location - real bikers are the same no matter where you go....

In Swaziland a group of bikers there delivered food and sweets to disadvantaged children in Seteki.

Some riders from the UK are undertaking a journey in 2012 that will see them traverse over 10,000 miles to raise funds for a fire services charity.

For other news, like the standings in the Dakar Rally visit our news feeds at

I leave you with some funnies for the day - thank you to my friends who share on Facebook and by email.
Laughter, like motorcycles makes things better too!

And of course their spouses who have to live with them and if both spouses ride - well - HIDE THE GUNS!
OR Crack out the air guns and go share some time in the garage...AFTER you enter our show 'n' shine!
Yah - cause we generally don't ride in the winter - you see our car or truck there then though!
But in the spring,  summer and fall our bikes are the only therapy we need!

I'm sharing mine:

I have to run, gotta finish packing, then a 8-9 hour drive to Airdrie depending on the roads....

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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