The news is filled with some odd articles today... there is an article on the RCMP from BC pulling out of a training program. 

Begin Quote: David Eby claims a police force in Arizona, that trains Canadian officers in drug recognition, is accused of racial profiling and refusing services to people who don't speak English." End Quote

Mr. Eby is the Executive Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association.  I wonder what prompted such a move and for it to be made public? Is the RCMP in BC gaining a conscience?  Read the article and then tell me your thoughts - I would LOVE to hear them!

Under US Law & Politics comes a bizarre story about texting and driving not being illegal in Virginia and now they are proposing to repeal the law where in two motorcycles are not allowed to ride side by side...hmmmm

Under Business and Industry News comes word of yet another Trademark challenge for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...this challenge comes from Renegade Classics Corp.

There is a first ride review on the Victory Hard Ball from Motorcyclist Online and a write up on the
2011 SUZUKI GSX-R600 from SuperBike in the UK...

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I leave you with some giggles shared by friends on Facebook, through emails etc...hope they put a giggle in your day too...

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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