From Motorcycle-USA and the AMA this morning comes word of a bill in the house committee on transportation that has the potential to change motorcycling in the USA and, if passed it would be for the better!

The bill calls for renewed funding for motorized trails and a ban on motorcycle only check points....let's cross your finger that by some stroke of good fortune - common sense will prevail.

It would be wonderful to see some of these positive changes take root and to see our community be treated in a more equitable manner!

Now if only we Canadian riders could get our heads together and have a ton of people share in the elbow grease perhaps we could see similar changes be considered here!

Communication and a united front and effort needs to be I a day dreamer or what!

In Other news...

In Ontario the  South Coast Tourism Alliance has just released it's 2012 version of their Crusie the Coast Map!

In Quebec, they are gearing up for the MMIC show this weekend and Harley will be there...

Moncton is gearing up to host the Atlantic Motorcycle Show Feb 10-12th

Horse Thief Hideout in Invermere BC is the place for the first annual Backwoods Blues event May 18,19,20 2012 - tickets have just gone on sale!

Out of Texas comes word on the lawsuit between The Republic of Texas Biker Rally Inc. and Bikinis Bar & Grill, it seems they have reached a settlement in their trademark infringement lawsuit!

In Pennsylvania a Harley Dealership was swarmed by police  to break up an argument between rival "gangs' . Apparently as many as 100 bikers were involved.

There is a TON of other news out there today on new bike models and information on the 110th Anniversary celebrations for Harley-Davidson...check it all out at

I leave you with a few giggles and inspirational thoughts from my friends on Facebook and from emails...I really do have a great circle!

Have a fantastic Thursday and remember to cast your vote for your favourite bike in the Beat the PMS Blues Online Show n Shine!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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