Motorcycle safety and awareness begins with the rider.

Riding like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, riding like you know they want to move into the spot you are in - these are two of the MOST important skills that riders can develop to keep them safe...most riders seem to understand that.

We hear the banter back and forth over cell phone usage and texting while driving - distracted driving laws are springing up everywhere - we all know the dangers - RIGHT?

Apparently not...

Over the weekend I had a couple of pictures shared with me by by friends on Facebook.

Darwin Award Candidate # 2

After seeing these fine examples of what not to do while riding, I went on a mission to see just how many riders text or use cell phones while riding...there are tons, and tons - here are but a few...

On Youtube:
Below - A rider in India texting while lying back on his bike in traffic...

Below - A cop texting and riding, on his POLICE MOTORCYCLE AT 1:30 in the afternoon!

On Youtube there is a video tagged as Extreme Facebook Update..Like a boss... the man states no reposting without consent so - go to Youtube and type in Extreme Facebook Update...Like a Boss - the video sickens me...

The photo above, I found on Google Image
search and comes from the aforementioned
No where in the world it seems are we safe from the ones who think they possess superior skills to others...

Then there are those who for whatever reason decide they look good, or cool with as little clothing and gear on as possible:

Or how about those who feel the need to show off in other ways while riding:

And it doesn't end with motorcycles - I found tons of pictures of bicycle riders texting while riding too, here's one good example:
Sadly - I could go on, and on and appears that we humans have become really stupid thanks to the amazing technologies we have in hand.

We riders are always bitching about cagers but seriously - it is time to take a stand folks - a stand against the riders in our community who feel their rights are more important than those of others, who don't understand the simple concept of sharing our communities and the world with others...that forget they have loved ones - family and friends who are going to miss them when they are gone or resent them when they have to play nurse maid for days and weeks or maybe the rest of their lives...

How do we get these people off the road - be they in a cage or semi; on a motorcycle or on a bicycle their selfish, thoughtless and inconsiderate actions cost everyone.

The costs are many - we KNOW that - hospital bills, insurance hikes, extreme police pressure - everyone pays the price for the show off and the self involved, self centred human.


I want you to tell me what your thoughts are on the topic of riders using cell phones while riding, the use of bluetooth devices and texting while riding...then I want you to share which me your thoughts on riding wearing shorts, bikinis, tank tops, flip flops etc as opposed to real riding gear.  Join the discussion on my Facebook Fan-page - CLICK HERE

In other news:

I finally got out for my first ride of the season - and on a nice clean, shiny ride thanks to Elbow Grease Ventures in Dawson Creek BC - thanks Papa Mike Chemerys...

I feel like a new woman this morning - I so needed that brain clearer - that soul clearer, YAHOOO what a feeling!

There is a ton of news in the feeds from the weekend and this morning...check out everything that we uncovered at

I am leaving you this morning with a biker's prayer that I discovered when I was at Tattoo Tony's shop in Toronto about 10 days ago, there are many biker's prayers that I have seen over the years, this one really touched something in my soul, I hope you enjoy it!

I hope that you had a great Easter weekend and that you have a fantastic Easter Monday!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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