Can you imagine living in a gated community that won't let you ride your motorcycle into your own garage? Can you imagine living in a gated community where they think that allowing motorcycles will attract a rowdy and less than inviting group of people to it?

I can't but there are many communities that do not like nor do they allow motorcycles.

Today out of Hilton Head South Carolina comes a story of people attempting to convince the management of their gated community that they should be allowed to ride their motorcycles home instead of leaving them in a compound....

Not sure I could live where they don't want me and MY machine...

There is a bizarre lawsuit that has been filed in California where in a rider is suing Corbin & BMW for the long lasting erection riding his motorcycle gave him...hmmm - some people will sue for almost any reason...

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The news feeds are quiet so far today so I will leave you with a few funnies to start your Monday off right!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone.

Belt Drive Betty
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  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    HOAs suck. Mine doesn't allow car-washing.