The right to choose whether to wear a DOT helmet or not has been taken away from BC riders. 

As of June 1st beanies are being outlawed in BC. BC was the only province in Canada where beanies were allowed.  Along with the news that beanies are allowed came news of new laws coming into effect next year - a graduated licensing system for motorcycles, similar to those in Ontario is in the works. BC has also announced that passengers must be able to have their feet resting firmly on the passenger foot pegs (which here in Alberta has always been law).

The changes to BC's laws are meant to improve rider safety but Shirley Bond, BC's top cop is expecting some push back from riders.

Along with the news about helmets and graduated licenses, comes an article on two stolen motorcycles ridden by men who have horrendous driving records and from what the police can tell - these two riders never have possessed licenses.  Driving bans obviously don't work too well as this is far from the first story regarding those who are banned from driving/riding that flout the law.

The news is filled with stories on outlaw bikers today - most of them not very appearing or nice but one in particular caught my eye - a member of the Red Devils in Lexington South Carolina thwarted a convenience store robbery and the police are hoping to talk to the man - they are very pleased that he stopped the bad guy!

That is very contrary to the fact that there was a huge bust of the Hells Angels in Horry County and that in Australia they are getting ready to declare the Hells Angels as a criminal organization.

The United Motorcycle Council of Queensland is blaming the Bikie violence in Australia on clubs that have been allowing middle eastern persons to become members.  

Begin Quote: Russell "Camel" Wattie, spokesman for the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland, which represents 16 "patch" clubs, including the Hells Angels, Bandidos and Nomads, told The Courier-Mail there was now a "larger influence" from people of Middle Eastern origin on some clubs and they had "made a mistake letting them in". End Quote

There are a ton of articles in the news today  - Moto GP news, Motorcycle Comparison Rides and a whole lot more, so check it out at where our work  is keeping YOU informed!

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails...

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone and if you are riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

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