The news is filled with the word that Monty Robinson will not do jail time for perjury. The former cop who was the senior officer in the tasering of Robert Dziekanski  and who killed a motorcyclist is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the RCMP.

After the things that I have witnessed during the Summer Stomp, Sturgis North and The Great Canadian Bike Rally - I feel very comfortable with that statement.

Arrogant, manipulating, bullying - that sums up the MAJORITY of the officers I saw during the three aforementioned events and Monty Robinson is the epitome of that and more.

Too many Canadians are scared of the RCMP - too scared to exercise their rights, and many do not know their rights.  They opened their saddle bags for officers when they didn't have to, they emptied their pockets and allowed searches because the officers intimidated them.

After this ruling wherein a man who killed someone, perjured himself and has been what others term a bad apple - I have zero faith in the system. 

I am calling on all taxpayers, all riders - we NEED to be heard, we NEED to do something so please, won't you fill out our police harassment/profiling form if you have experienced any questionable conduct by police officers anywhere in Canada and or send us your statements about what you have witnessed.

It is time that we force the people WE PAY to do their jobs, do them without bullying and profiling - it is time to send a message to our government....I am not sure about you but

We need a class action lawsuit against the RCMP and we need to mount a charter challenge.

If we have no evidence we can't go forward so people - it is time to loose the fear, time to forget the complacency - it is time to take our country back - it is time to force the justice system to do the right thing - it's time for change - meaningful change that can only come from us - the taxpayers.

If we do not protect our rights and freedoms - the ones our soldiers die for, that their families sacrifice their family lives for - we are disrespecting their memories and sacrifices. If we don't do this - our lifestyle - that of the motorcyclist/biker/rider - will disappear and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

And that's my two bits worth.

As soon as I am home and we can set up a proper bank account and CA to oversee it we will begin collecting money to hire a lawyer - it's gonna cost - HUGE but we can and must do this.

Sign me an angry taxpayer.
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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