The RCMP have become a joke - a cruel and unnecessary one that we tax payers need to stomp on.

I have heard so many stories of absolute harassment and discrimination between the Great Canadian Bike Rally, Sturgis North and the The Stomp that I am sick to my stomach.

Bikes that are legal in Alberta, where they are licensed and inspected being ticketed for infractions in BC.

Riders blowing .02 being given 24 hour suspensions.

A woman, 83 years old having her face smashed.

Poker Runs being jacked, every bike being searched and the riders being violated.

Motorcycle only check stops - supposedly safety stops that were done in unsafe locations on the highway causing near misses with motor homes and other vehicles.

Biker Enforcement Units and Gang Squads everywhere harassing and generally making riders feel unwelcome.

I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THIS STUFF - have you had enough?

If you have then I urge you to fill out our police harassment and profiling form on

At the Sturgis North Bike Rally, the police presence was so stifling that many people simply left. Those who stayed have expressed their great displeasure at the heavy handed and snarling attitude of these officers and their conduct.

Merritt was not much better. The Stomp experienced some police pressure as well however being held on private land and with no liquor license ensured less presence than the other two rallies, but still the police had to jack their poker run.

According to an article in the Merritt Herald only 40 tickets were issued and that while that number was higher than a normal weekend it was far less than the now defunct Merritt Music Fest - so how are the police going to justify what they have done to the riding community?

The first year of the Merritt Bike Rally was mellow and quiet, so why did the police bring in so many extra officers?  Why was the police presence so oppressive? Why were they so rude and unwelcoming? Why were they harassing people for walking down the street or across parking lots? Why - I want to know.

So, my mission for today is to start phoning the various police departments to see what their answers are to my questions. How far do you think I will get? Will there be any honest answers? I know what I think,I want your thoughts.

The RCMP have become a group of people that I no longer respect or trust. Their public conduct at events and the information that is available about them in the news makes me sick.

Why are RCMP officers given the power to be judge and jury at the roadside?

Why are they always using intimidation and disgusting behaviour - did no one ever teach them that you get far more with honey than vinegar?

I know their job can be dangerous and tough - but seriously, the majority of people are pretty respectful so why not start out giving the person in front of them the benefit of the doubt?

Why start out being hostile?

What purpose does it serve?

Time and again, they bring in all of these extra police to "manage" us and then report that we were for the most part respectful? Why is all of this money wasted and yet our governments report that they can not fund our education and health care systems better?

So how do we force the RCMP to get back to  community policing - policing that makes sense, that does not treat everyone as if they are some sort of criminal?

We, the taxpayer, the citizens of this country need to start a thoughtful and measured campaign that protects our lifestyle and our freedoms - if we don't do it, who will?

If we don't stand united on this one issue, the issue of the police targeting us for special treatment, the police harassing and demeaning us - we will be legislated right off the highways.

If we don't do it then every soldier who has ever fought for our rights and freedoms is being dishonoured by us. It is our duty to preserve and protect our freedoms, rights and lifestyle.

We have become a police state, a state where the men and women who wear the badge that says to Serve and Protect use their badge to harass and profile us.

Are you going to take a stand to preserve our rights and freedoms? Are you going to fill out the police harassment and profiling form when you get stopped and hassled? Are you going to be ready with a few dollars to fund our national law suit and charter challenge?

Do you love riding a motorcycle? Do you like attending events?  Do you want to see our lifestyle continue?

I sure hope so.

There are many articles in the news today that may affect your day or life as a rider, I hope you will check them out at

Please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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