Elena Meyers, a 5" 3", 18 year old gal is proving that women can win the race!

The only female to have ever won an AMA Pro Racing Event is as bold off the track as she is on it - at least that's my take after reading the article from

Begin Quote:

"Young girls come up to me all the time at the racetrack and say, 'Oh, you're my hero,' and they're just so excited about it," Myers said. "Danica Patrick's a household name and that's kind of what I want to become. Indy Car and NASCAR have been helped by her being in the series and I want to do the same thing in AMA."

Myers will conclude what could be her final season in the AMA SuperSport class this weekend in the Triumph Big Kahuna Nationals at the NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans. Her goal is to move next to the Daytona SportBike series.

She will need to demonstrate continued success at higher levels to get the kind of sponsorships she needs to sustain her career while reaching for her ultimate goal of racing worldwide in MotoGP, the motorcycle equivalent of Formula 1. End Quote

You know, I watch this young gal's progress and I have to tell you - I am GREEN with envy - I would truly loved to have had the opportunity when I was a girl, to be able to compete. Road Racing is something I would have loved I think.  (Seen as, BDB pouting cause mother wouldn't let her ride as a young girl).

You go Elena - I know myself and a number of gals will be following your career and who knows, maybe someday soon Belt Drive Betty Media and her sponsors and readers just might be supporting you and your ride unless of course some great little Canadian gal ends up racing agin yah!

I love her confidence, her passion and determination and her talent - this little gal is a marketing companies dream!  She'll get the sponsorship to carry herself where she wants to go, of that I have no fear!

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Have a fabulous Friday and a THANKFUL, thanksgiving Canada!

For the rest of you - have a safe but enjoyable weekend...TTYS

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