Yes, you read that right! There is a new online web series called the Clandestine - it's all about some geeks from an office that decide to start a 1% motorcycle club.

If you like cheesy comedy - Benny Hill kind of cheesy, this is a series to tune into!
There are two episodes on line and a bunch of videos from people who want who "join" the club. As the club President and the Sgt. at Arms go through the videos their comments and reactions to some of the prospective members are well...cheesy.

The series is made in Belfast Ireland and features music from some of Ireland's up and coming rock bands. The episodes are between 5 and 7 minutes long - not hard on the brain and as I said earlier - you might get a kick out of the parody!

There is a ton of serious news in the feeds this morning.

In Digby Nova Scotia riders are being labelled as thieves.

In Ontario, 2 American riders were seriously injured in a crash on the 401

In Abbotsford BC a 24 year old rider is dead

With the death of the XR1200, Motorcyclist Magazine is asking why Real Motorcyclists Hate Harley-Davidsons

In Manufacturer news, Zero has some big changes coming for 2013

There are two very interesting articles on World War II Bikes:

There are a ton of motor sports and travel articles too...
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I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and via emails...

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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