Winter has arrived with a vengeance in northern Alberta and many places across the continent.  Hurricane Sandy is doing her level best to devastate the east coast and people in British Columbia got an eye opener after a 7.7 earthquake.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all for their safety.

As wild as the weather has been there is a little gal in Texas who had a wild ride this past weekend.

Jennifer Robertson is officially the fastest woman in the world on a motorcycle - Robertson set a speed record of 243.6 mph on her Suzuki Hayabusa in a standing mile. 

She also holds a land speed record of 376 mph aboard the Ack Attack streamliner at Bonneville!


Our online auction is support of Mark Mullen, an Autistic artist who is 19 years old, was a huge success raising over $4,500 for the talented young man. We'll be keeping an eye on him in the months and years to come as he and his mom Kristina host a motorcycle event called Help Solve the Puzzle!

The news feeds are relatively quiet today with regards to motorcycle news as the wild weather takes over the headlines, but there are articles that may be of interest to you or affect your day and life as a rider - check them out at, where our work is keeping You informed!

I leave you with prayers for all those in the path of Sand!!

Have a warm and safe Monday everyone,
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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