That's exactly what prominent business man Douglas Parker Rudderham intends to do according to an article in the Star.

Begin Quote:
On Sept. 14, Rudderham was driving his Cadillac Escalade in Sydney, N.S. around 4 p.m. when his vehicle collided with a motorcycle travelling in front of him.

The motorcycle driver, 67-year-old Jack MacDonald, was pronounced dead at the scene. End Quote

Mr. Rudderham rear ended the motorcycle that Mr. MacDonald was riding home after having gotten a hair cut. Mr. MacDonald was killed at an intersection that he had fought to have lights installed at to no avail.

Now, the 57 year old CEO of Quebec based Pharmacy Wholesale Services and owner of Coltsfoot Publishing plans to fight the ticket as he does not believe he was driving imprudently.

Begin Quote: Investigators ruled out criminal negligence in the collision, but police “still believe that (Rudderham) was responsible for the collision,” said Cape Breton Regional Police Service spokeswoman Desiree Vassallo.

He has been charged with failing to drive or operate a motor vehicle in a careful and prudent manner under the Motor Vehicle Act, she said. In addition to a fine, the charge carries a loss of six demerit points. End Quote

According to the article, “Mr. Rudderham believes in principle. He’s not the type of person who pleads (guilty) to something that he didn’t do just to get out of it,” Pink said. (Joel Pink is Mr. Rudderham's attorney.)

So, if in fact this prominent business man fights this ticket, it will send the case to trial.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this is a blessing in disguise for Nova Scotia riders - especially if the court room can be filled with riders.  There needs to be a message sent to the justice system of this country.

As tragic as it is that this man, this powerful businessman is going to fight a $399.91 ticket - perhaps, just perhaps there will be some other justice come out of this case. 

If we could fill the court room with riders and their families and send a clear message to the courts and this prominent businessman that driving too close, as appears to be the case here, is an offence and while not viewed as criminal negligence is still an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act.

We need clearer laws in this country when someone's "inattention" causes a death or serious harm and we will never get them unless the rider community gets together en masse at every court case like this one, and fills the court rooms.

Until WE as riders can unite and have our voice heard with one loud and clear message - IT IS NOT OK TO KILL A RIDER - the slaps on the wrist will continue.

Personally I feel that what Mr. Rudderham is about to do in fighting this ticket is morally wrong - it may be his right, but morally, the harm he is doing to this family is just adding insult to injury. 

I am calling on all riders in Cape Breton and the rest of Nova Scotia to PLEASE, PLEASE if you can swing it - fill up that court room and send a message - LOUD AND CLEAR - It is NOT OK to kill a rider and it is not OK to hurt a family in this way after the damage is done.

I would dearly love your feedback on how our justice system could fix the Motor Vehicle Act to better address situations like the one you just read about. Should there be mandatory jail time when a rider is killed because of the actions of another driver? Should there be mandatory compensation for the rider's family? What is the right way to deal with this type of scenario - one we see all too often?

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome here!

In Other news:
In Canada, the CPP - that's right, the Canadian Pension Plan, has investments in motorcycle racing - HMMM....

In Great Britain, Prince Charles met with some of the Royal British Legion Riders and sat astride one of the riders motorcycle.

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  1. jessica gwinn11:02 AM

    please let me know if they are going to fill the court room because i want to be there for the macdoanld family. it's not right what this rudderham guy is trying to do. so please let me know any info thanks.