The news today is a rather diverse grab bag, everything from crazy motorcycle taxi drivers in Thailand to people who are reportedly thieves that appear to like riding motorcycles and all things in between.

Before I get into my question today about whether we are out of control with this whole gadgets thing...I want to address the alleged theft of toys from the Salvation Army in Toronto. One article that has drawn some ire from people claimed that David Rennie had ridden with The Salvation Riders Motorcycle Club and immediately used the headline that he had a love of motorcycles, to further paint riders in a bad light.

I do believe that while it may be questionable, it is perfectly natural for the mainstream media to find that "bad" connection to something in order to sensationalize a story.  If it bleeds it leads is a mantra of sorts from what I am told.  It isn't tragic enough that someone is actually supposed to have stolen toys from the Salvation Army, by the way - it just so happens he's a motorcyclist. Is leading your article with that statement an intentional tying of thieves to motorcycles?  Or is it less sinister than that? That is up to the reader and just how much they delve into the story and what their perceptions and sensitivities are.

The fact is, the mainstream media does this type of hype lead in to every segment of the population - public figures,  celebrities, athletes and on and on.  The bad people do NEVER creates enough blood on its own, it needs to be embellished for some reason...or maybe that's just me and my sensitivities...

The man has been charged as of this morning. It's in the courts hands and hopefully the truth will come to light and if he's guilty of being a thief - of stealing from children, then he's guilty - motorcyclist or not - the truth of the matter is, he is human first.

I'd love your thoughts on this topic!

Now, on to the topic that has my curiosity up big time...Gadgets on our bikes and in our gear...

I have one really big question - what is with all of the gadgets for our bikes and gear? Seriously - in the news today comes the announcement of Bluetooth enabled GOLVES. So now, by touching different pads on your gloves, with your fingers you can use your smart phone or Bluetooth enabled device - while riding.

OK, maybe I am out to lunch here but seriously? Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Beyond our motorcycles we riders all have one other thing in common - we are humans.  Give us enough gadgets and technology and we will be riding distractedly and deaths will increase and then where are we?

I thought - and maybe I am wrong here, but truly I thought the whole purpose of being on a motorcycle was to get away from the office, the grind....I thought the motorcycle was the epitome of the escape route from the treadmill.

Do I carry a cell with me? Yes, for safety. Do I listen to music on my bike, sometimes - through the stereo - I never use an Ipod or anything else.

Do I use GPS? Only did it once, did not enjoy the experience.

Although I am a bit of a geek - I do not use Bluetooth headsets or anything else that can distract me when I am riding. When I ride, I want to focus on my bliss - my joy, the wind, the road.

Am I an old fashioned Dinosaur or are these manufacturers of gadgets really needed?

For myself - heated gear, my helmet/bike cam and my stereo are the gadgets that make sense...the ability to stay warm and be better focused, the cam to capture those moments on video so I can play them in the winter when PMS is at it's highest and the stereo on the bike for those perfect riding days, a little inspiration that makes the heart soar even closer to the perfection that is riding.

Talking to people, worrying about work, dealing with issues - that shit can wait until I am stopped for fuel or at my destination for the night.

So, am I a dinosaur who is out to lunch and missing out on something wondrous or am I right and most of this crap is just gonna get us killed?

I'd love to hear your thoughts o this topic....

There is a ton of other interesting stuff in the news feeds today, visit, where our work is keeping You informed to find out what might affect your day or life as a rider.

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and via emails...

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We have a lot of fun, drooling over other people's rides, looking at modifications, getting ideas, day dreaming...

So, dig out those camera chips and start hunting for that perfect picture of your ride...

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Bonecutter4:03 PM

    Don't think you have it wrong Betty!

    Like you, I carry a phone for safety. Other than that - nothing. No Bluetooth, Ipod, stereo or GPS. No heated gear.

    The sound of my bike, the wind and my thoughts is enough for me. My map is in my saddlebag. And if it's cold, then I get cold.

    But, everyone enjoys the ride in their own way.