Have you ever had one of those mornings where you have AH HAH Moment after AH HAH Moment?

This was one of those mornings for me.

It started when a friend posted this image on Facebook...
So what was it about this photo that made me go - AH HAH - I get it?

Well - here is my comment regarding the image:
My dad was a trucker with over 6 million accident free miles when he retired, I rode with him a lot as a young girl - I sadly see that the values of the old school trucker aren't there today in a lot of the new drivers. It is frustrating to see so called professionals who behave the way SOME do. Without the trucker, grocery store shelves would be empty etc - you are vital to the growth and prosperity of every country you work in - and I know first hand it can be a challenging job - but it would sure be nice to see more drivers out there with a sense of courtesy and kindness. Like in every community the few tar the rest - and that's sad...

So for myself as a rider, it made me look at the challenges our community faces and to realize that we are not as unique in the discrimination we face as we sometimes think we are. It may be wider spread in our community but truly, every community has it's bad apples that cause unfavourable light to be shed.

We, as people, need to take stock of our actions. Somehow we have to learn the art of empathy as people. When you can stop and think for that split second before you wick the throttle, before you decide to show off - and ask yourself will my actions hurt anyone besides myself?  If you can think of one person who might be hurt and stop yourself from hurting another you have impacted all riders in a favourable way.

When you join your one tiny action to my one tiny action to the neighbours one tiny action, the next thing we know we have an avalanche of positive action. That AH HAH Moment came to me as I looked at this growing stack of Canadian Tire Money...and the phone call I got from Kristina Toomey and her son Mark Mullen donating a set of prints - 9 in total of cast members of Sons of Anarchy to the Mountain Man's Employee Fundraiser we are calling Jobs for Christmas!

The next AH HAH moment came when I was looking for inspiring quotes to keep me on the good path I am on - being of service - and I came across this one : 
We must not only give what we have, we must give what we are. Desire-Joseph Mercier

And then a friend of mine sent me this picture:

I want to share with you my comment regarding this picture:
I am not a religious person, but I am a deeply spiritual one. No matter what name you give your creator, your higher power -being grounded in love, gratitude, in compassion and empathy, community, and being of service are the keys to a life filled with blessings and abundance. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR TODAY? Me, I am grateful for Craig Renaud who sent me this wonderful picture....and all of you in my CHOSEN family. You make my heart shine.

Yes - I am a grateful human being. I feel blessed to have found this second career - a career of sharing, networking, helping, serving my fellow human being.

Yesterday I was beginning the task of getting my report ready for my grant.  We had set some reasonably high goals for ourselves last year when we got this financial shot in the arm to do some growing.

As I prepared this report, I realized just how much Ali and I have accomplished with the help of all of you and the Canadian Government via the Canadian Periodical Fund.  We are now reaching some 78,000 people a month with our web site Those people are visiting 4 times a month, for a whopping 202,000+ visitors generating over 2 MILLION Page views! That's PER MONTH!

I am filled with gratitude - I no longer look at the car crash that set me on a different path in life, this path... as a curse, but truly see it as a blessing in disguise. I am no longer angry when my legs and feet ache - when the cramps drive me off the deep end... I deal with the pain and smile because I know that that car crash put me exactly where I am supposed to be. 

In the flower shop I could only touch a handful of lives - help a handful of people but now I can reach out and do what makes my heart happy in a bigger way!

Helping people in the riding community have their voice heard, shining a light on their endeavours to make our community a better and stronger one, that's what I wanted to do - give us a place to celebrate all things rider.  When I set out 11 years ago to be a clearinghouse of information so that riders could find the news and information that impacted their lives - this is what I dreamed it could be.  

We are growing as a community, as a network, looking out for each other, sharing, helping, getting involved in ways that looked impossible 10 years ago. Whether you are part of our network on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN or on our web site - we are making a difference!

I don't have all the answers and I am no guru of perfect living, I am just a human being that wanted to find a way to be of service, to have my life/my work bring value to others.

I am so deeply grateful to be a part of a movement of communication, sharing and collaboration, to be a rider.

I want to say Thank You for helping us to hit this milestone.
For the next 48 hours - when you refer a friend to register on our web site, the person who registers is going to get a free subscription to the newspaper and you are going to get the chance to win some BDB Gear. All they have to do is put your name in the PROMO CODE box on the registration form.

It's this Canucks version of Black Friday - a week late, cause that's just how I roll!

There is a ton of news in the feeds today and it is a mixed bag!

In Regina Saskatchewan - Wynonna Judd and hubby Cactus Moser who was recently in a motorcycle crash where he had his left leg amputated - rocked the house with a Christmas Concert.

Sad news out of Saint John NB - a rider is dead following a crash.

Out of India comes an article on a significant motorcycle event called the India Bike Week in North Goa on 2nd and 3rd Feb, 2013.

The AMA Vintage Rally dates have been set for 2013

There's a ton more out there to read - so visit where our work is keeping YOU informed.

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and via emails:
This one of this dog dancing is PRICELESS!

Bison Attack
Password Change...

Have a fabulous Thursday and for our subscribers - I hope you enjoy this week's Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada's ONLY Weekly Newspaper for riders.

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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