After the various articles that have surfaced on the Sturgis North Event that is taking place in August on the Indian Reserve outside of Chase, I spoke with some of the key people who are owed money and there is one reoccurring theme happening that has me highly disturbed.

Joan Hansen, the "new" president of the company has apparently expressed that if the 2013 event does not go ahead then there will be no way of paying those still left owing from 2011 and 2012. So, the people who are owed money all want to see the event go ahead.

So here I am feeling like I am walking on the knife blade.  I do not want to promote this event or the people who are running it. I have learned far too much about their way of conducting business to want to see them make one penny and yet, here are all of these business people who are left out of pocket.

They would all like to get some of the money that is owed to them. They all feel that if Sturgis North is run properly it would be a great benefit to the interior of BC's economy.

I for one can not support something that has hurt so many people and yet...

What are your thoughts? Should Sturgis North be given one final kick at the cat in an attempt to pay those creditors of the North Okanagan who have been hurt financially or should they, the business people who have not been paid, take their lumps and move on?  I don't know how to feel...what say you?

In other news:
Sad news out f the UK that moto journalist Kevin Ash has died during a launch for the new BMW in South Africa.

In Ontario, the retrial of a police officer charged with leaking confidential documents to the Hells Angels continues. Constable Rudge's fingerprints were found on the four key documents at the centre of the retrial.

In Vancouver, part three of the Michael Plante informant story continues.

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  1. Bonecutter3:51 PM

    "if the 2013 event does not go ahead then there will be no way of paying those still left owing from 2011 and 2012."

    Or there will be people left owing from 2011, 2012 AND 2013. Fool me once, fool me twice but fool me three times? No.