That is the question being asked by a woman who was fired from her job as a human resources technician in Kingman AZ.

According to the article:
The termination notice stated that the city had "great concern" Summerson was associated with an "Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG)" that works as a "support club of the Hells Angels."

"Your association with an OMG coupled with your access to sensitive employee information has our law enforcement, legal, dispatch and judicial system employees very concerned with regard to their personal information," the notice said. End Quote

Should someone be fired because the police claim that a club is affiliated with one of the "Big Clubs"?  I wished articles like this expressed what the employee's work record was like and whether or not they were good at their job.  Sometimes I wonder at the people who do the did the police come into play in her firing?  Has she ever done anything to cause concern?

I wonder...what say you on this topic?

In other news:

KTM's CEO just bought Husqvarna from BMW

Author Alex Caine claims that there is a turf war brewing in BC

In Ontario, the driver involved in a fatal crash is found not guilty

Want to use your smart phone without taking your gloves off?

You help is urgently needed - there are over 120 suggestions for names for my Beaver Mascot!  Help us find the RIGHT ONE!!!

We here in Grande Prairie have a couple of things to celebrate...
New Owners and New Name for our Harley-Davidson dealership! Mighty Peace Halrey-Davidson will be opening it's doors soon!!!!

David Wilcox is coming to town on February 22nd and we are going to be giving away some VIP Tickets!  Watch our web site: and our Facebook Pages for more information!!!!

I wonder how many riders think this is a great invention?

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and via emails...

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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