Well folks we have seen governments back down to public pressure from the motorcycle community twice in the space of two months.

In Saskatchewan a group called R.A.G.E - Riders against Government Exploitation - formed after SGI announced a plan to increase motorcycle insurance rates in some cases by as much as 400%.  Through persistent public pressure; letter writing, phone calls and tying up man hours and resources R.A.G.E. was successful in getting the premier of their province to force SGI in re structuring the increases.

Now, through public pressure, the HHR's Lou DeVouono is feeling elated. Finally, Oshawa did what they should have done right from the beginning - they zeroed the bill.

Between the radio, tv and newspaper articles, the phone calls, emails and a show of solidarity at the Monday night council meeting, the city of Oshawa decided that they should do what they promised in the beginning.

You see folks, it is possible to get people to do the right thing when you have RIGHT on your side and a small persistent group of people driving the situation.

Congratulations to Lou DeVouono - congratulations to all who took up the letter writing and phoning campaigns, congratulations to those who accompanied Lou to the council meeting.

You had RIGHT on your side, you united and together were able to convince the city of Oshawa of the error of their ways.

In other news I want to express my condolences to the family of Margaret Thatcher - I for one loved the Iron Lady. I admired the woman for standing her ground and doing what she saw as the right thing.

I also want to express condolences to the family of Annette Funicello - the Mouseketeer so many of us grew up with.  She made us laugh and cry and feel...

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  1. Great News, Thanks for keeping us here on the west coast up to date. Thanks for always keeping your finger on the pulse.