This past week has been frentically busy. Getting as much done, as many details finished before I leave on the Bikers United in Remembrance Conga.

It's a crazy amount f work and I have been told by more than one person that I am nuts.

I have questioned myself hard - leaving without all of my rooms organized is a wee bit scary and figuring out how I am going to run my business from the road is more than scary, it's daunting but after yesterday, I know rock solid in my heart that what I am doing is the right thing.

You see we went for a ride to Fairview and the Dunvegan Inn & Suites for Father's Day Brunch on our kick off  fundraiser and standing out side after brunch, I was approached by an older man asking about Belt Drive Btty and if we were part of the ride she was taking. I introduced myself to him and he shook my hand telling me he reads my column in the Northern Horizon all the time.

He asked me to explain to a younger man about the charities I would be riding for and so I did.
The younger man said "As a vet who suffers, I want to thank you for what you are doing, it means so much." He was misty eyed, his voice cracking and so was mine as I said "Thank you for your service to our country"

After Johnny Pag Motorcycles of Canada had to back out of coming right across Canada with me when Sven fell off a ladder, I questioned myself 1,000 times - is this an omen? Should I cancel? And little incident after little incident has pointed me to the fact that yes, I am doing the right thing.

My husband is being super, super supportive. Keeps telling me he's proud of me.

I am not doing this ride for EGO's sake. I am doing it for the men and women who have paid the price of serving our country and working for a government that too often, be it liberal or conservative, that has let them down. Hence why I am supporting V.E.T.S. - The Veterans Emergency Transition Services Centres.

I am doing it for the children who need specialized eye care and are in families who can not afford it.
Hence why I am supporting the Military Police Relay Ride for Blind Children.

I am doing it for those who suffer from PTSD. Vic Remillard, who took his own life, the soldier in Kingston who recently took his own life, and the fact that we have to have a Soldiers of Suicide support group for their families...for our writer and my friend Medric Cousineau who is taking on a far heavier challenge than I am walking to raise the money for 50 dogs in 50 days for 50 veterans.

So, I have many reasons to undertake this journey and I hope that one of those reasons resonates with you and that you will either join me at an event in a community near you OR you will consider making a donation by Pay Pal if you can't come out.

I want to raise enough money to buy 2 service dogs. That's $15,000 which means that I will also raise $15,000 each fors V.E.T.S. and the Military Police Relay Ride.

It's a HUGE goal, It's one that I truly hope I can reach. But I will only reach it if you are behind me - supporting me and these causes that I wished didn't exist.

No veteran should be homeless, no child should go without the surgeries or eye wear they need and no veteran, no family should have to go through PTSD alone.

Let's Put the Stigma Down - let's show these people they are not alone, that as a community we support them, appreciate them and will be there for them.

Yesterday's first event for our Conga was a humbling experience and I have a feeling this whole trip is going to be just that, humbling, filled with stories of need - let's make them stories of needs met - please.

Have a fabulous Monday folks - tomorrow I begin the voyage of my life and riding with you, making a difference with you is what is going to make this all worth while.

Join Road Trip Rita and I be it for an hour, a day, a week or the whole trip...

As Medric from Paws Fur Thought is always reminding me, "TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG"

I am riding everywhere I can this summer to support the three charities I am riding for.
Our First Fundraiser netted $100 for each of our three causes

Road Trip Rita was hugged and petted
by 20 people on her first ride.

Stay safe out there and please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.
Ride to Work today - it's good for the soul.

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider...

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