Yesterday, while riding with members of the Club Moto Saguenay (of which I am now an honorary member), I noticed that my bike, which was leaking oil from the stator plug - I had noticed the leak a few days before and had been monitoring it - was getting worse.

The noise that I thought was coming from bad shifter bushings was getting louder too.
With the help of Rejean and Francine, they located a local rider who had some tools for a Harley.
He came and looked at my bike and it was decided to take me to Carl Tremblay's shop in
Rejean on the left and Francine on the right
Rejean on the left and Francine on the right

When we got there, Carl put my bike on a lift and took the primary case off and pulled the rotar - and it's shot as is the plug for the stator.  Parts were located at Jonquière Harley to the tune of some $550 plus taxes. Rejean's wife went and picked them up and Rejean promised to deliver them to Carl's bike shop this morning!

Carl & Rejean
Carl on the left talking to Rejean on the right about the parts needed
In spite of the hardship that is going to cause financially on this trip - the bike has to be repaired now or I will be in worse shape in the not too distant future.

Carl only charges $45 per hour which is a huge relief!

I can't thank Rejean, Francine and the unknown rider who helped me out enough. They are true brothers and sisters of the family wind and in spite of the language barrier they all dug in to help me find the best solution and then took me and my gear to my hotel.  I thank Rejean who rides a Goldwing for packing my arse!!!!

The bike should be ready this morning and I have to say a huge thank you....these guys and gals helped me and stayed with me late into the night and then rode home in the dark.

I am so grateful!

I love this community and how we all stick together in tough times. This kind of support and help would probably not happen had I been in a car!

Club Moto Saguenay - I am more proud than ever to be an honorary member of your group - you are everything bikers are supposed to be!

I will keep you updated on how things work out!

Until then, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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