My conga has been getting incredible support from people all throughout eastern Canada.

The CAV has been incredible, escorting me from place to place, ensuring I don't get lost and making sure I have event support. These people have been nothing short of amazing.

I can not thank them enough - it's been phenominal so far!

Brian Stuart from Toys for Big Boys in Moncton helped me fix my old girl - I had a check engine light coming on due to bad spark plugs and my air breather hose that had a crack in in - he put on steel lines and changed plugs and Black betty is running like a top!

Rod from Hammersmith Auto in Greenwood NS did my oil change and changed all of the fluids - what a great shop - again - thanks are highly needed for the service that was above and beyond.

I need to thank KAT Enterprizes - my Amsoil dealer in Red Deer AB for the Amsoil oil, filters and octane boost.  Having my oils shipped to the various destinations has proven to be a godsend and allows me to maintain my bike with the oils I want to use instead of what a local shop carries and the octane boost has saved me a ton of money and kept the octane level in my fuel consistent.  Let's face it, when you go to the pumps and you have one hose for three kinds of fuel - you are getting about 2 litres of regular whn you are buying and paying for premium - this way I can run and pay for regular but get the benefit of premium!  For $5 a bottle and each bottle does two tanks - well - it's a money saver too!

Bike Magic has proven itself to be just that - magic.  My bike is staying reasonably clean in spite of the roads I have taken her on and instead of it taking hours to clean her it takes minutes.   Thank you for supplying a great product to review Mike - Elbow Grease Ventures in Dawson Creek BC - I love the product!

Another product I have been torture testing is the Kriega Back Pack from Angelwings Distributors - I love this pack.  Although it is only water resistant, and I have only experienced 2 days of rain while riding, my bike with the pack on the top of the tour pack has experienced lots of rain at night and I am happy to report that I have hardly had damp clothes.  It's a tough product that seems to be standing up really well.

Then there are the HELD gloves and while they are not the warmest in super cold conditions, or the driest in driving rain - they have been a great addition to the gear I am wearing.  The built in wiper on the left index finger has been a god send and as I said - they are pretty decent in the cold and rain.
Well worth the $149 they cost!

The Olympia jacket I am wearing has also proven itself to be a gem.  Although I'd like the sleeves to be longer and the waist to be lower - the gear jacket does what it says it will do.  I like the fact that both inner liners zip out as it makes hot days pleasan just wearing the mesh shell with the armour.

On really hot days I have been wearing my Draggin Jeans Kevlar riding shirt - I LOVE THIS THING!  It's been wonderful to stay cool and feel protected at the same time.

Then there are my Draggin Jeans - In cold weather I have been using long johns underneath and that is all.  The jeans are warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. I am wearing the Drayko Drifts which are stretch jeans - they are comfortable and look great on top of being fabulous protection - I am in love with them!

My Frogg Toggs Rain gear has not been needed a whole ton this trip and for that I am forever grateful to Mother Nature, but on the three times I have had to wear them, they have performed really well - I added a leather insert to the inside of both legs to prevent them from melting and I am happy to report that that has been the fix for melted gear!

My head gear from Design Wraps Brand - Rider's Wraps has been phenominal too - I love the new styles and the new fabric that Joan and her team are using.  The head wraps have been head turners with lots of people commenting on the maple leaf!

In all the products I have been torture testing have done exactly what the manufacturers have said they would do - so if you find yourself in the need of great products and services, check out everything I have listed - I am pretty sure you'll experience great results too! Did you know that AutoCraze provides one of largest selection of branded 4WD rims, tire packages, 4wd accessories and lift kits? Be sure to check them out, they're running big discounts at the moment.

Working with New Brunswick Tourism and Nova Scotia Tourism has been wonderful so far too. I have gotten to experience some wonderful attractions and meet some incredible people because of their support - it's been fabulous! I am looking forward to the same when I head for Newfoundland tomorrow.

So far I am just shy of 23,000 kilomtres into my journey and have raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $6,800 for our vets - Ali will have my totals for me soon as I send the daily totals in to her after every small community ride we do.

I love Canada - our country and it's people are utterly amazing - the scenery is so diverse and the people are fantastic.

I am getting ready to go and take in the waterfront in Halifax - spent last night out at Peggy's Cove with some of my brothers from the CAV - what a fabulous night - I can't wait to share some of the photos and stories with you in the Busted Knuckle Chronicles - our weekly newspaper.

I look forward to my time on the ROCK - hoping to meet more riders, share the story about what our vets are going through and to experience some of the hospitality I hear that Newfoundland is famous for!

Until I get a chance to write again - I remain your editor - Belt Drive Betty

Ride safe - like everyone around you is blind and can not see you...

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