Here is the article:

Now you'd think the city would want to have the procession move quickly through town.  

I wonder why they chose this route as a city council? The article doesn't really say. 
I wonder if we will see a day where we could get Canadian Bikers out in full force?
There are some 650,000 of us in Canada, but a large gathering is 2,000 - 8,000 bikes here. The magic number here should be around 100,000. 

I wonder what one thing could cause Canadian Riders to want to show unity and soldarity in serious numbers.  There are, estimated last stats I have, 11.5 million riders in the US.  
What's that tell you...strength in numbers. No public squabbles, no libelous or heated comments - only thoughtful consise questions and answers with behaviour that is polite, courteous and yet underlined with steely determination.  
We have no truly united voice in this country - but how and who and what about the time, money and commitment it would take to unite this Canadians have the fortitude? 
The desire? I seriously would love to know, because it is time.      

I am almost done my cross Canada jounery and have seen first hand, heard first hand a number of the issues that affect all riders and how at times we are our own worst emeny.   
We need to find common ground and a common message to send to our governments, our communities and our police forces what the needs, goals and dreams for this community are.  

We need to come up with a working strategy for education and communicating with our community, the auto driver community, the police forces, our physical communities and their leadership - to learn from them, to work with them to build better relationships. We need to have our voices heard over insurance issues, road conditions, policing issues both within our own community and dealing with police services.  

We the riders of Canada need to unite.                                                                                           
Somehow, we have to grow and evolve through communication and networking or our way of life, one that we hold dear, sacred - will be legislated into becoming a really rich man's lifestyle while the rest of us who truly, passionatley love this way of life, will not be able to afford to excersise it unless we move south of the border where there are still some freedoms and a united voice working to have our issues heard and addressed.

But hey, that's just my two bits worth - what say you?

THIS JUST IN: A Trooper hits a bike injuring both rider and passenger - he NEVER SLOWED DOWN -

Until next time, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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