Members of the Hells Angels have a petition circulating to allow members of the club, associates and family members from out of country to attend the funeral of Cisco Elliot Valderrama.

According to the article attached to the petition - Begin Quote: "just days ago Homeland Security and the Obama Administration relaxed visa restrictions for those who have given refuge and assistance to terrorists who aided and abetted in the killing of U.S. Soldiers and innocent civilians worldwide! It is unjust, unreasonable, and a violation of human rights to intentionally bar bikers, clubs, friends, supporters of bikers, associates of bikers and family members of bikers from entering the United States." End Quote

To me, some things are sacred - funerals would be one of them and in spite of the ban on bikers entering the US, you can be guaranteed that the police will be swarming the funeral of Cisco.  
It appears to me that the Obama government and Homeland Security think that groups like the Hells Angels are worse than terrorists.   

What do you think?

Also in the US a lawmaker says that motorcycles and bicycles do not belong in Suffolk County New York.  According to Mr. Barraga, who was responding to a young man's request for a dedicated bike lane after his mother was hit by a car while riding her bicycle, signs have no impact on drivers.

Begin Quote: I have heard the suggestion of bicycle lanes and additional signage but unfortunately
this would do little to solve the problem. 

Suffolk County is a suburban automobile community drivers expect to see other drivers on the road not bicyclists and motorcyclists. Even in those areas outside of Suffolk County where a portion of the road is for bicyclists they still get hit by motorists. Signage has limited effects there are currently 135 signs between Montauk Highway and Sunrise Highway on Higbie Lane and Udall Road most of them are ignored by drivers.

Reality at time can be difficult for some to come to grips with but giving false hope would be inappropriate. END QUOTE

What do you think of this lawmakers opinions?

In Australia it took 570 cops to raid 60 properties in Victoria and arrest 18 members of the Comancheros Motorcycle Club. According to the intelligence the police received, the Comancheros were going to use explosives to destroy Hells Angels property.

Along with tasers, a large quantity of steroids, ammunition and cash fireworks were confiscated.
It is believed by the police that the fireworks were going to be used to make improvised bombs.

And there is sad news out of Orlando Florida. Two Quebecois riders were killed when a spool of electrical wire came off a truck and struck their bike which then caught fire.  The husband and wife, Andre Grenier, 58, and Helene Bouchard, 54 died on the scene.

My heart goes out to their family and loved ones.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you.

Have a Happy Hump Day,
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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