I received an email from a disgruntled reader today who said he unsubscribed from my blog because of the politics and unpleasant nature of the news that I am reporting on.

Here is what the gent had to say: I have, as of last evening, unsubscribed from your blog. I cannot honestly say that I disagree with your comments and feelings however at times it would be pleasant to read other than negative rants about the law, society in general etc. I know our system is far from perfect however having said that we do not have to look very far to see others far worse off than ourselves. The world although very unfair and at times unpleasant requires that control is in place to maintain a level of civility that we can reside in. The folks who are apparently behind your legal issues are a very good example just think where we would be if that kind of attitude was accepted and encouraged by which I mean their original actions not the recent lawsuits etc. I ride because I love to as do both my sons and as of two years ago my wife who has been a passenger for 40 yrs. I wish you the best of luck with your legal issues and as well say thank you for the watchful eye. End of note

I know a lot of what I write about is unpleasant for people, but it is the reality of what we are facing, and I feel our community needs to stay informed about the things that are going on.

Now is the time of year noise bylaws and other unpleasant things are being planned for our community by the bureaucrats.  I want to see people be pro-active instead of reactive.

Noise bylaws, helmet laws, insurance issues, road and infrastructure issues, discrimination issues, motorcycle rallies with bad track records - these things affect travel plans, daily riding routes and the choices you make as a rider.

Would I like to be writing motorcycle reviews? YES
Would I like to be writing gear reviews? YES
Would I like to be writing about a motorcycle event or a charity ride I attended - damned straight - but the politics and rhetoric happen at this time of year - not generally during riding season.

During Riding season, I often end up reporting on the people who have gone down in crashes, and let me tell you that isn't a great job to do either, but often times it is an important one - especially the calls to support a downed rider.

Do you want to know what's going on in the world of motorcycling beyond your back yard?
Do you want to know what laws/bylaws the governments are trying to enact?
When situations arise that could affect you like high insurance, do you want to know about it?
Do you want to know the places to avoid riding, where there are conflicts like in Australia, that see innocent people loosing their businesses and being harangued every time they ride?

I don't know about you but I took Australia off my bucket list for the foreseeable future and I know others have too. Who wants a vacation marred by being constantly stopped or harassed?

If we don't talk about the unpleasant crap and find constructive ways of dealing with it - we'll have nothing pleasant to share in the Busted Knuckle Chronicles...

For those of you who want the more pleasant side of the news - I encourage you to read the Busted Knuckle Chronicles. Our weekly, national motorcycle community newspaper is filled with event news, great travel features and product reviews, jokes and more - every week you can read tons of wonderful heartwarming articles and salivate over the events that are coming up...that's where I get to write my travel stories and do articles that celebrate this community.

This BLOG is predominantly meant to bring to light the articles that are in the mainstream news that could affect your day and or life as a rider.

So....What's a girl to do?  

Well, like always - I am going to turn to you guys....
What do you want from this blog and this writer?

Do you want the news, the good, the bad and the ugly or do you want me to blow sunshine up your arse and only give you the fluffy, warm hearted stories?

I do offer both - if my blog doesn't appeal perhaps the newspaper will?

What say you - what do you want to see me write about?

In other news:

In Australia - a lawyer is very concerned that accountants and lawyers who provide services to bikes will be the next group targeted by the Newman government.

Under Lifestyles is an article on Steve McQueen celebrating what would have been the actors 84th birthday.

Under Manufacturer news there are some great reviews on the new Motto Guzzi California 1400the Hyosung GV650 Aquila and the BMW S1000 R.

Visit where work job is keeping YOU informed.

If you are blessed enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone is blind and cannot see you!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Please continue to report as you do. I appreciate that you have to put up with shit sometimes and am proud to tell people that I follow you.

  2. Rob Davoren9:16 AM

    You do a great job letting people know what's going on out there. dont let the opinion of one person get you down.Keep er in the wind.

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Betty, I don't know if people know how many hours you put into these things with your main aim being to support the motorcycle community. That is bad enough that you work so hard for us, and now this unfair lawsuit which is because you work so hard for us I'm sure has been an emotional, physical, and FINANCIAL drain on you. I know a lot of people have stepped up and helped with direct donations and buying t-shirts, but a lot more need to do the same to help you in this fight. Your fight is our fight. It's fine to say we support you, but it's even better to say we support you and do something about it with a contribution to the links with the gavel on your home page. It's like the work you do for us. Helping you now is a lot better than saying we wished we had helped you later when it might be too late. You have got to beat this bunch. They started this nonsense suit. The best way to beat someone is to beat them bad so they never do this again. C'mon people, give a little, it will help her a lot. The quicker this lawsuit is resolved, the faster the lady can write fun stuff like this person seems to be missing, as well as all the good helpful stuff she writes about too.

  4. Sabre Windrider1:47 PM

    As a reporter or writer, we put into words our opinion or share information as it comes to us. Most information, whether we like it or not, comes to us in negative form. We try to share the information with others, but it is the information we have.
    You do a great job of informing the bike community of what is happening, and covering it with flowers and pastel paint isn't the way to give it.
    When we start riding we can discuss the great rides, the great friends, the great laughs, and why we love our 2 wheels. But we need to know who and what and why our choices affect each other and those around us... and what their thoughts and actions are being discussed to use against us.