A fail to yield charge has been levied against a driver who turned in front of a motorcycle in Essex County on Sunday. The rider has non life threatening injuries. According to the article, the OPP said that 1/3 of motorcycle crashes happen in intersections. They are warning drivers to signal properly for turns and lane changes and to look in their mirrors and around their vehicle before turning or changing lanes to ensure there are no other vehicles around them. The article also warns that motorcycles are hard to judge so to give more time and room.

The rider has not been identified.

With riding season almost here in most places across this great land, I cannot express enough that we need to ride like everyone around us is blind and cannot see us.

Let's do our best this season to arrive at our destinations safely each and every time we ride by taking no chances with our own safety.

Be hyper aware of your surroundings, go practise those rusty skills before you head out and please consider wearing good gear especially in urban situations where the majority of crashes take place, remember that 1/3 of crashes involving motorcycles happen at intersections and shorts, sandals and tank tops are not going to protect you in a crash.

The Noise Bylaw debate is heating up in Saskatoon as R.A.G.E. members there are vocal about the inequitable treatment of riders compared to other road users.

In Australia, Newman Campbell and Jarrod Bleijie are being sued by a lawyer over comments made that accuses lawyers who defend bikes as being part of a "criminal gang machine" and would do anything to defend their clients.

There are lots of new model reviews, and interesting articles in the news feeds over at where our work is keeping you informed.

Have a great day and if you are blessed enough to be riding, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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