As a female rider who lives in Northern Alberta, I resent that International Female Ride Day happens the first week of May every year.
Why you ask?  Well let this picture tell the story for you...this is April 18th and we are forecasted to get snow for another 4-5 days...

Or how about this one?

I don't know Vicky Gray beyond her professional profile and that she owns the website Motoress and is the founder of the International Female Ride Day.

My real beef with International Female Ride Day and why I will be supporting the Canadian Women's Ride Day started by the gals at West Coast Roar, instead: This will be the 8th International Female Ride day and by the looks of our weather forecast, it will be the 7th one I cannot participate in. There was one year I was able to get out for about a half an hour, ALONE, but it was so cold, that even with heated gear on, it wasn't much fun.

Not to mention the fact that here in the North, riding is made extra treacherous by the gravel and sand that won't be swept from the streets for another month and a half.

Why any woman who wanted to promote an INTERNATIONAL day for ladies to ride would hold her event in the first week of May, when that woman comes from Canada, is beyond me.

I guess we northern gals are supposed to just sit on the sidelines and cheer on those who are in areas where the climate allows them to ride, but I have to tell you that it SUX - LARGE!

I am sure Ms. Gray had the best of intentions with her ride day, and it's nice to see it was moved from a weekday to Saturday so more women could ride, but as a female rider I am boycotting the International Female Ride Day because it doesn't allow for the celebration of the sisterhood by Northern women who ride.

For all you gals who do support the date of the International Female Ride Day - enjoy your day but please, think for one moment about we ladies who would love to ride that day and probably won't be able to again this year unless Mother Nature decides to do an about face.

The gals at West Coast Roar in Mill Bay BC, started their Canadian Women's Ride day for the very reason I resent the International Female Ride Day - because most of the time, there are too many Canadian women who can't ride and celebrate the sisterhood. And that's what a female ride day is supposed to be about, celebrating the sisterhood.

For me, and most of my sisters in Canada we will be celebrating our own unique sisterhood day - the Canadian Women's Ride Day, Sunday July 20th, 2014

If you are a Canadian woman who rides and wants to host your own Canadian Women's Ride Day anywhere in Canada - contact Joley or Greer at West Coast Roar to get all the information you need to set one up!  It's ALL about the sisterhood!

I will be riding with a bunch of ladies in the Sicamous BC region on that day I, as a Northern rider, I will finally get to share the sisterhood of a special day that does not leave us Northerners out of the action by being held the first week in May.

Sorry Ms. Gray, but as a female rider, I cannot support your event a long as it is held during a time of year that excludes so many fine women riders.

That's what's on my mind today - what's on yours?

Have a great Easter weekend everyone and remember to tell those who are close to you that you love and appreciate them!

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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  1. Gee, it really sounds like you need to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Get a grip on yourself!!! A true rider accepts all weather, road conditions and challenges any day of the year........

  2. Where do you live Madeline?

    I'd LOVE to see you ride a touring bike in the snow or freezing rain. I have been caught in a spring snow storm and ridden in it - it is not a lot of fun nor is it terribly safe. I would much rather sit on the sidelines and wait for a safe day to ride than ride in the snow or freezing rain.

    I value my life. I ride in all weather but there are times when one has to be smart enough to stay off their bike. Snow and freezing rain are two of those times. I think you are the one who needs to get a grip on reality and yourself and not judge others and their ability to ride until you yourself have ridden in snow and freezing rain in Northern Canada - when you have come back and tell me you'd do it again on a touring bike willingly.

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  4. Madeline - I just went and checked your Google+ profile and what do I see? Just as I suspected, a rider who lives in Los Angeles, a place I have lived, a place where the entire city shuts down if they get a 1/4 inch of snow and you are going to condemn me because I don't ride in the snow on my Street Glide? It is you who needs to get over yourself - I CHALLENGE you to come to Grande Prairie Alberta and come ride with me. I DARE YOU.

  5. I went to your blog page - I see you ride a dual sport and actually live in Boston Mass area....
    Like I said Madeline, any time you want to come ride MY TOURING BIKE in the snow and or freezing rain, I'd welcome it. Let's see what happens when you come North to Alaska - I hope and pray you get to experience a snow storm or freezing rain, even on your dual sport it won't be as much fun as you think.