I spent the weekend in Salmon Arm BC with the BC Lone Wolves at their Show 'n' Shine and Motorcycle Awareness event and I had a ball while there.

Watch this coming Thursday's Busted Knuckle Chronicles for the low down on that show!

The drive down had some tense moments with inclement weather. The trip saw me in snow, freezing rain and sleet a good portion of the way and from Mount Robson on nothing but rain until Clearwater.
The trip home was uneventful until I hit Valemount and from there until 40 K from Jasper I was in snow, from the Hinton/Grande Prairie turn off to 15 K before Grande Cache the road was glare ice!
It was a harrowing trip and I am glad to be home safe and sound.

While I was in Salmon Arm I was able to finally meet my Lawyer, Rodney Chorneyko and he and I had a frank discussion about the Sturgis North, Ray Sasseville, Joan Hansen libel/slander lawsuit.

We will be sending out my response to their offer to settle soon.  They want a $250,000 gag order on a journalist/publisher and editor - ME and that goes against the freedom of speech laws in this country. If I fail to agree to that they are going to petition the courts for a gag order on me until this lawsuit is settled - the good news is I get to talk to the judge if they try that, so it their request for a gag order will undoubtably fail. If I was to accept their current offer to settle, I set a dangerous precedent for all journalists in Canada so fight I must and I will.

I am not allowed to share with you my response letter as of yet, as the other side's lawyer hasn't gotten it yet, but let me assure you that my counter offer to settle is very fair minded.

The bad news is, I need to raise another $50,000 if this lawsuit doesn't get settled before then as it will drag out for a long time. As it stands, right now I will need to raise another $5,000 to see this through to what I am hoping will be the end of this stupidity. But, if it goes past this letter that the lawyer sends out, then it will take upwards of $50K!

My attorney advised me that I will never get anything from these people and that even if I was to counter sue, I would be completely wasting my money. He sighted the Michael Smith suit, where in Michael won a judgement for $70,000 lawsuit against Mr. Sasseville and has not been able to collect on it.

He explained that he does not want me throwing good money after bad and that there is no such thing as true justice - that ours is a legal system and not a justice system.  He said there would be no justice for the little people who have been hurt financially by this event and it's coordinators unless somehow the RCMP were to be willing to open an investigation into these people and he does not see that happening either.

So, there you have it - the new goal for my defense fund is now $50K on top of what I have already spent!  I have to be prepared for going long haul on this. To do otherwise would be fool hardy!

I can't do that without this community helping me.

If you support me, and it turns out they accept my counter offer and this thing is finally over, anything after the lawyer is paid off and Ali is given some money for the bike we sold, then the funds will be put to use is such a way that the biker community will appreciate!

I hope you will join us for the Freedom of the Press Poker Run and Silent Auction May 24th at Blackjacks in Nisku AB - Kickstands up will be at 10 AM for the Poker Run and the 50/50 draws & BBQ will begin at 3 pm at Blackjacks.  We will also be raising funds for Doug Jenson who was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease - he needs an electric hospital bed and lift - about $8,500 in equipment!

I am looking for vendors and silent auction items - so contact me at bdbetty @ (fix the spaces) if you'd like to take part!

My husband is on his way to the U of A to go see his MS Neurologist as the Prednisone does not seem to have stopped what's going on with him the way it has in the past.

Please keep him in your prayers because although you all are a great support system - he is my rock and without him, I will be lost!

Have a great day everyone,

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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